Silverzone International Olympiad of Mathematics (iOM)

Silverzone International Olympiad of Mathematics (iOM)

The International Olympiad of Mathematics, a test of competence and proficiency in Mathematics, is held annually at the national and international levels based on syllabus prescribed by CBSE/ICSE and the State Boards. Apart from syllabus, a part of test paper is based on mental ability and reasoning. Detailed syllabus is provided along with this Information Booklet at this website. For details Please follow links given below.

Level 1: All the students of classes 1st to 12 are eligible to take part in Level 1

Level 2: Top 500 Olympiad rank holders of the 1st Level from each class will compete for top positions in a 2nd level examination.

Level 3 : Olympiad 1st Rank Holders of classes 6th to 12th from 2nd level will be eligible for Level 3. Level 3 will be conducted at New Delhi, India.

Silverzone International Olympiad of Mathematics (iOM) 2014 – 2015

Level 1 As iOM 2014 is being organized at National and International level, due to various reasons, it is not possible to conduct the olympiad on a specific single date. The Mathematics Olympiad will be conducted on 19th November 2014 and 02nd December 2014. Please decide the date which is suitable to your school.
You may opt for either 19th November 2014 or 02nd December 2014 as your International Olympiad of Mathematics date. Last date of registration is extended till the 30 days prior to the exam date opted.

The Result of the 1st Level will be available at in the month of January 2015.

Level 2 will be conducted in the month of Jan/Feb 2015. The Awards, prizes and certificates will be sent to the school within 3 to 4 weeks after the declaration of result at our website.
All the participants will be awarded with the Student Participation Certificate (SPC) .

Level 3 will be conducted in the Month of July/August 2015 at New Delhi.

Venue: The Venue of the 1st level Olympiad will be the school itself, 2nd Level will be City Centre/Your School; whereas 3rd level will be conducted at New Delhi

Fee Structure and Study Material

For Schools Outside India: The participation fee for the Olympiad is USD$8 per student. The cost of Preparatory Text Book (USD$4), Question paper Booklet (USD$4) and Mathematics Olympiad Excellence Guide (USD$10) is not included in the fee.

For Schools In India: Participation fee for the Olympiad is Rs.120/- per student.

Payment Mode: For Payment mode in India and Aborad, please refer to the ‘School Registration Form’.

About Test Paper

The language medium is English only. The examination is being conducted for all classes from 1st to 12th with the following details.

  • For Classes 1-2: There will be 30 questions and the duration will be of 60 Minutes.
  • For Classes 3-12: There will be 40 questions and the duration will be of 60 Minutes.

The details of the manner in which the test is to be conducted will be sent with the question papers. The questions will be of objective type in nature with multiple choice answers. There is no negative marking. For classes 3rd onward OMR answer sheets will be provided.

Time Division: Participants from Class 3rd to 12th will be required to complete the test between a minimum of 40 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes. Answer sheets cannot be submitted before the completion of 40 minutes. Participants should try to submit the answer sheet, with maximum correct answers, at the earliest after the end of 40 minutes to get the benefit of the third tie-breaker** rule. The invigilator is expected to write the correct time in the appropriate space provided in the answer sheet. As time is the third, not the first/second tie-breaker rule, students are requested to focus on achieving maximum correct answers in an optimum time.

Tie-breaker: Each question may not carry the same mark. In case of tie-up, preference will be given to the student who has attempted a greater number of questions correctly. The second preference will be given to the following respect: First computer related question and then mental ability, reasoning and Mathematics. The third preference will be given to the student, who has submitted the answer sheet earlier than the other/s. Should the tie-up still exist, a telephonic interview will be conducted with the participants.

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