CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Notes: Chemistry in Everyday Life – Important Questions

1. Sleeping pills are not advisable to take without consultation with doctor why?
Ans. Most of the drug taken in does higher than recommended may produce harmful effects and acts as poison and causes even death. Thus these should taken only after consultation with doctor.

2. What is the meaning of Broad spectrum antibiotics?
Ans. Broad spectrum antibiotics are effective against several different types of harmful bacteria tetracycline chloromphenicol can be used in case of typhoid dysentery, acute fever and phenmonia.

3. Which site of an enzyme is called allosteric site?
Ans. Sites different from active site of enzyme where a molecule can bind and change the shape of active site is called the allo steric site.

4. What is scientific explanation for feeling depression?
Ans. Noradrenaline is a neurotransmitter which plays an important role in mood changes. If a person has low level of noradrenaline then the message transfer process becomes slow and person suffers from depression.

5. What happened when the bond formed between the enzyme and inhibitor is a strong covalent bond?
Ans. If a strong covalent bond is formed between enzyme and the inhibitor which cannot be broken easily then the enzyme is bloked permanently. The body then degrudes the enzyme inhibitor complex and synsthesises the new enzyme.

6. Which analegesics are called opiates?
Ans. Narcotic Analgesi which are obtained from opium poppy are called opiates.
Morphine and its derivative heroine, codeine

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