ISC Class XII Exam Question Papers 2012: Geography

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Paper 1


(Three hours)

(Candidates are allowed additional 15 minutes for only reading the paper.

They must NOT start writing during this time.)


 Answer Question 1 and 2from Part I which are compulsory.

Answer any four questions from

Part II.

Sketch maps and diagrams should be drawn wherever they serve to illustrate

your answer.

The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [],

………………………………………………………………………………. J …………………………………………………….

PART I (Compulsory)

 Answer all questions

Question 1

(i) India’s position in the India Ocean is paramount. Give two reasons to justify the given statement.                      [20]

(ii) Study the across section given below which represents the basin of the Indo-Gangetlc plain.

(a) Name the features B, C and D in the cross section.

(b) Which layer of sediments among the above features is new and fertile?

ISC Class XII Exam Question Papers 2012: Geography

(iii)The rivers of North India are Antecedent in nature. Explain with an example.

(iv) Differentiate between barind and bhur with reference to the Indus-Ganga- Brahmputra Plain.

(v)  What is meant by virgin Vegetation? Name any two regions in India where such vegetation occurs.

(vi)  How is arithmetic density of population different from Physiological density of population?

(vii) Delhi has a population density of 9,340 persons per sq. kin, which is much higher than the national average of 325 persons per sq. krn. Explain why.

(viii) Define calt/vab/e waste. Give Any one reason for its existence.

(ix) Name any two strategies adopted to usher in the second Green Revolution in India.

(x) India is richly endowed with a variety of minerals. State two reasons in support of this statement.

Question 2              [10]

On the outline map of India provided:

(a) Mark and name the Trans Himalayan range that has the highest peak in India.

(b) Shade and name the peninsula that lies between the Gulf of Kachchh and the Gulf of Khambhat.

(c) Shade and name the coastal plain that is characterized by many estuaries.

(d) Name and trace the course of the river on which the Hirakud dam has been built.

(e) Print LAR over a region that experiences a low annual range of temperature.

(f) Shade and name the state with the lowest Index of Concentration according to 2001 census.

(g)Print T over one important tea growing region to the north of the Tropic of Cancer.

(h) Draw the longest arm of the Golden Quadrilateral and mark and name any one of its terminal towns.

(i) Mark and name the port that was built to replace the Karachi Port which became a port of Pakistan.

(j) Mark and name the public sector oil refinery located in Blhar.

Answer any four questions

ISC Class XII Exam Question Papers 2012: Geography

(i) Identify which of the two rivers represents the regime of a peninsular river. Give a reason for your answer.

(ii) Name the peninsular river which is an exception to the general pattern. Why is it an exception?

(c) (i) Why are deciduous forests of India considered economically important?

(ii) Given two reasons to explain the decrease in forest cover in recent years.

Question 4         [10]

(a) Define population growth and population growth rate.

(b) Differentiate between cnide literacy rate and literacy rate.

(c) How does census of India differentiate between statutory towns and census towns?

(d) (i) Explain the term urban sprawl Why is it considered to be a problem of urbanization?

(ii) What is a conurbation? Give two examples.

Question 5      [10]

(a) What is rainwater harvesting? State two of its objectives.

(b)   How is agriculture responsible for reduction in the availability of surface and ground water?

(c)What are the two categories of’land not available for cultivation’?

(d)Give three reasons to explain the importance of irrigation in Indian agriculture.

Question 6       [10]

(a)(i) What is the importance of manganese in Iron and Steel Industry?

(ii)Name the state which is the leading producer of manganese. Also, name any two areas in this state, where manganese is mind.

(b) Name the minerals associated with the following locations:

(I) Ankleshwar                     (ii)          Bailadila

(iii) Korba                             (iv)          Bilwara

(c)(i) Give two reasons why the rivers of the northem mountains are more important for the generation of hydro-electric power in India.

(ii) Name the area with the highest power generating potential.

(d) State the chief characteristic of Japanese method of rice cultivation. Why is rice not cultivated in the northern parts of China?

Question 7      [10]

(a) Give two reasons to explain why transport plays an important part in the development of India.

(b) (i) With reference to railway transport, differentiate between fare and freight.

(ii) Why is there a distinct contrast in the railway network between the Eastern and Western coastal plains?

(c) (i) State two advantages of water transport.

(ii)Mention any two factors that hinder inland water transport in India.

Question 8      [10]

(a) What are/ndustr/a/clusters? State any two indices used to identify industrial clusters.

(b) Examine the role played by the availability of raw materials in influencing location of industries.

(c) Where is Visvesvarayya Iron and Steel Limited located? How has this steel plant overcome the disadvantage of not being located near any coal mining region of India?

(d) With reference to tourism in India, explain:

          (i) Heritage Hotels.         (ii) Eco tourism.

Question 9       [10]

(a) What does a geographer’s concept of development comprise of?

(b) Explain what are macro regions, giving at least one example from India.

(c) How was the state of Chhattisgarh created? State any two features of agriculture practised in Chhattisgarl~.

(d) Explain with reference to its location, how Haldia Port has helped release congestion at Kolkata Port.

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