CBSE Board Exam 2013 Sample Papers (SA1): Class X – Mathematics

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Central Board of Secondary Education First Term Sample Question Paper

Examination: Summative Assessment I (SA1)
Class: X
Subject: Mathematics

CBSE Board Exam 2013 Sample Papers (SA1): Class X   Mathematics

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  1. apoorva jaiswal says:

    nice questions……..

    1. Utkarsh Saxena says:

      nice ya tough

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    very important for us

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    so tough but very useful to all of us..

  5. Monika Singh says:

    dificult but useful………….

  6. sima says:

    very intresting!

  7. hasin says:

    may i know were 2 gt d solutions?????

  8. Hari Krishnan S says:

    it is interesting and very useful

  9. sharanya says:

    thank u so much it is very helpful……..

  10. Micky Naithani says:

    I love maths ……. it makes people cry, even me..

  11. sam says:

    a very easy paper……..

  12. bhavya khurana says:

    very usefull and intersting

  13. sudeksha says:

    chee!!! who the hell found this maths!!!!

  14. charika says:

    i just love it !!!!!!!!!!!! this is my best loving subject i… which i had never had..
    i LOVE MATHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. rahul says:

    very easy …….. very very

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  17. Abhay singh says:

    paper is easy but this sample paper is old one i want new latest sample paper of 2013 …………… :)

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    it is very useful and i sure get good marks with these problems

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  21. khnugvgv says:

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  22. Anshuman Shukla says:

    Very good and understandable paper