8th IMO Exam Dates 2014 – 2015

7th IMO 2013 – 2014 Exam Dates

8th IMO 2014 – 2014 Exam Dates for First Level

During 2014-15 the first Round of IMO exam will be held on 04th December, 2014 and 18th December, 2014 at participating schools. Schools may choose any one date for conducting the IMO exam. There will be separate question papers for both dates. The entire school would need to conduct the exam on one chosen date only –as mentioned in the School Registration Form by the school.

The registration forms have been dispatched to schools. Incase of non receipt of registration forms. Please write to us at [email protected]

8th IMO 2014 – 2015 Exam Dates for Second Level

The 2nd level IMO will be held in February 2015 across over 400 centers.

Admit cards of selected students will be sent and may be accessed as under:

  • These will be couriered to respective schools by end Jan ’14 and
  • These will be e-mailed to respective schools by end-Jan ’14 and
  • These will be uploaded on our site www.sofworld.org by end Jan ‘14

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