Kerala Diploma Exam in Language March 2013

The DIPLOMA EXAMINATION IN LANGUAGE EDUCATION (DLEd) HINDI, ARABIC, URDU for the year 2013 will be conducted from 14/03/2013 to 21/03/2013. The details of centres are mentioned below. The exam will be in new curriculum which has been implemented since the academic year 2006-07.

As per the new curriculum based on grading system, the evaluation process has three parts.

Part 1 – Theory Examination
Part 2 – Continuous Evaluation
Part 3 – Practical Examination – Programme on Teaching Institutional Experience.

The details of subjects, maximum score and time of examination are shown below.

Part 1 – Theory Examination

Subject Maximum Score Time
Paper I – Education & Society 100 3 Hours
Paper II – Learning & Psychology 100 3 Hours
Paper III – Modern Trends in Education 100 3 Hours
Paper IV – Language Learning – Theory & Practice 100 3 Hours
Paper V – Language & Language Learning 100 3 Hours

Part 2 – Continuous Evaluation

Subject Maximum Score
Paper I – Education & Society 40
Paper II – Learning & Psychology 40
Paper III – Modern Trends in Education 40
Paper IV – Language Learning – Theory & Practice 40
Paper V – Language & Language Learning 40

Part 3- Practical Examination – Programme on Teaching Institutional Experience

Part A – Teaching Process & Practice
Sl No Items Maximum Score
1 Pedagogic Analysis 20
2 Note on Daily Planning 30
3 Teaching Ability 60
4 Daily Assessment 10
5 Teaching Aids 20
6 Assessment – Preparation of tools, recording, analysis, Preparation of SEP 20
7 Feedback, CPTA planning and recording minutes 10
8 Discussion on Academic issues, Organisation of SRG 10
9 Action research Proposal 10
10 IT Teaching 10
Part B – Assessment of the class of expert and Peer group 50
Part C – School Activities
1 Celebration 10
2 Library Works 10
3 Field Trip 10
4 School Fair Organisation 10
5 Planning of Institution Development 10


Score % Grade Score % Grade Score % Grade Score % Grade
90-100 A+ 70-79 B+ 50-59 C+ Below 40 D+
80-89 A 60-69 B 40-49  C    

Candidates are required to secure minimum C+ grade (50-59%) for each paper in written examination, continuous evaluation and practical examination in order to qualify for teaching profession.

Failed candidates in any subject under Part 1 (theory) can reappear for that subject for securing the required grade. Candidates will not be permitted to take the practical examination in any school other than the one in which candidate had undergone the training.

Time table

Date Day Time Paper Subject
14/03/2013 Thursday 1.45 pm to V Language & Language Learning
16/03/2013 Saturday 1.45 pm to IV Language Learning Theory & Practice
18/03/2013 Monday 1.45 pm to  III Modern Trends in Education
20/03/2013 Wednesday 1.45 pm to II Learning & Psychology
21/03/2013 Thursday 1.45 pm to I Education & Society

The Period from 1.45 pm to will be considered as cool off time.


No separate application is necessary for regular candidates. Private and Compartmental candidates should submit their applications to the Chief Superintendent from which they desire to write the examination and the Chief Superintendent concerned should send the duly filled application to the Secretary, Pareeksha Bhavan, Poojappura Thiruvananthapuram within the time limit prescribed along with the A & B list of candidates. Private candidates should submit an identification certificate from Gazetted Officer along with the application. Candidates appearing for the examination for the first chance are permitted to register their name for the whole examination only.

Fee for Examinations and Mark List

Examination fee for all subjects will be Rs.50/- (Rupees fifty only) and Rs. 10/- (Rupees ten only) for one paper. Fee should be remitted in the head of account 0202-01-102-99 examination fee. All candidates are required to remit Rs.40/- (Rupees forty only) for mark list in the head of account 0202-01-102-92-other receipts.

Candidates belonging to SC/ST and other eligible communities including kudumbies and Christian converts among them will be allowed exemption from payment of fee for two chances.

Preparation and submission of A list

The Chief Superintendent should prepare the A list (in excel format) separately for regular and private candidates with reference to the data available in the institution and same should be forwarded to the Secretary, Pareeksha Bhavan by [email protected] on or before 22/12/2012 without fail. The list of candidates with Register number will be forwarded to the centres form this office by email.

Immediately after emailing the list, the Chief Superintendent should send one hard copy of the list with signature to the following address Superintendent, H Section, Pareeksha Bhavan, Poojappura, Thiruvananthapuram -12.

Since variation in recording the data of the candidate in the list will lead to the issuance of incorrect mark list and certificate to the candidate, utmost care should be taken while furnishing details in A & B list. While entering the names of candidates, alphabetic order should be followed. Chief Superintendents are required to furnish separate A list of candidates for DLEd Hindi, Arabic and Urdu examinations.

Issue of Admission Tickets

The Chief Superintendent will issue admission tickets to the candidates on or before 08/03/2013 with reference to the A list under proper identification of the candidate. Candidates are required to produce admission tickets on demand at any time during the period of examination.

Examination Centres

Name of Institute Name of Examination Centre
DLEd (Hindi)
Govt RILT Thiruvananthapuram Govt Girls HSS Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram
Govt. Hindi TTI Ramavarmapuram GHSS Villadam
Malabar Hindi Prachar Kendram, Kondotty Govt. HSS Kottappuram
Perfect TTI Perinthalmanna GBHSS, Perinthalmanna
Bharath Hindi Prachara Kendram, Adoor Govt Girls HSS Adoor
DLEd (Arabic)
Govt. TTI Kollam Cravan LMSHS, Kollam
Govt TTI Malappuram Govt Girls HSS, Malappuram
Govt TTI(W) Nadakkavu Govt VHSS for Girls Nadakkavu, Kozhikode
DLEd (Urdu)
Govt TTI Malappuram Govt Girls HSS, Malappuram
Govt TTI (W) Nadakkavu Govt VHSS for Girls Nadakkavu, Kozhikode

Main points at a glance

1 Date for submitting application 01/12/2012 to 10/12/2012
2 Date of remittance of fee at Treasury by the Chief Superintendent 12/12/2012
3 Date for submitting application with fine 13/12/2012 to 15/12/2012
4 Date of remittance of fee at Treasury with fine by the Chief Superintendent 17/12/2012
5 Last date submitting ‘A’ List to Pareeksha Bhavan by email [email protected] 22/12/2012
6 Fee for full course Rs.50/- (Fifty only)
7 Head of account for remittance of fee and fine 0202-01-102-99-Exam fee
8 Last date for submitting application for scrutiny and revaluation Within 10 days from and including the date of receipt of mark list by the head of Institute.
9 Head of account for remittance of fee for mark list, scrutiny and revaluation 0202-01-102-92 other receipts
10 Fee for mark list Rs. 40/- (Forty only)

Scrutiny and Revaluation

Applications for scrutiny and revaluation of answer scripts should be submitted by the desiring candidates to the Head of Institute within 10 days from and including the date of receipt of mark list. Fee for scrutiny of valued answer scripts is Rs.50/- (Rupees fifty only) per paper and for revaluation Rs. 100/-(Rupees one hundred only) per paper may be collected from the candidate by the Chief Superintendent. The amount should be refunded to the candidate effecting grade change. The balance amount should be refunded to the treasury as per Head of account “0202-01-102-92-other receipts” and the original chalan should be forwarded to this office. The head of Institution should email the details of application to Pareeksha Bhavan immediately.

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