Kerala SSLC March 2013 for the Hearing Impaired

The Secondary School Leaving Certificate (Hearing Impaired) Examination for the Academic year 2012-2013 is scheduled to be conducted from 11.03.2013(Monday) to 21.03.2013(Thursday) according to the time table given in this notification.

I. Details of the Examination in New Scheme

i. The number of papers for the examination will be 10 as in the previous year. For school going candidates there are only 8 papers for the written Examination as the theory examination for Information technology will be conducted along with the practical examination. For pre-vocational subjects there will be only practical examination.

ii. As per G.O (Rt) No. 4610/2012 G.Edn dated, 28/09/2012 the maximum score for IT examination to the regular candidates is fixed as 50. ie. , 40 score will be for term end evaluation and 10 score for continuous evaluation. Out of the 40 scores, 10 score is for theory examination and 30 score for practical examination. IT theory examination except school going candidates will be written examination.

iii. The ratio of the scores for written examination and continuous evaluation for Malayalam, English and Mathematics papers will be 80:20 and for other papers except ¸Information Technology and pre-vocational subjects the ratio will be 40:10.

iv. For Information Technology the ratio for continuous evaluation, written examination and Practical examination to the regular candidates will be 10:10:30. There will be no revaluation for IT Theory and Practical Examination.

v. For Pre- Vocational Subjects the ratio for continuous evaluation and practical examination will be 10:40

vi. The time allowed for the written examination papers with 80 scores will be 2½ hours, for paper with 40 scores it will be 1½ hours. All examinations will have 15 minutes as “cool off time” at the beginning.

vii. Only the Grades (not the scores) attained by a candidate will be recorded in the SSLC (Hearing Impaired) certificate.

viii. Nine point Grading System is used to award the grades.

Grading Scale

Grade Range Grade Value Grade Position
A+ 90% to 100% 9 Outstanding
A 80% to 89% 8 Excellent
B+ 70% to 79% 7 Very Good
B 60% to 69% 6 Good
C+ 50% to 59% 5 Above Average
C 40% to 49% 4 Average
D+ 30% to 39% 3 Marginal
D 20% to 29% 2 Need Improvement
E Below 20% 1 Need Improvement

Details of subjects, score and time are as follows

Sl. No Subject Score for CE Score for TE Score for Practical Exam Total Score Time in hours
1 Malayalam 20 80 - 100 2 1/2
2 English 20 80 - 100 2 1/2
3 Physics 10 40 - 50 1 1/2
4 Chemistry 10 40 - 50  1 1/2
5 Biology 10 40 - 50 1 1/2
6 History and Civics(SS-I) 10 40 - 50 1 1/2
7 Geography and Economics(SS-II) 10 40 - 50 1 1/2
8 Mathematics 20 80 - 100 2 1/2
9 Information Technology 10 10 30 50 1 1/2
10 Pre- Vocational Subjects 10 - 40 50 3

Eligibility for higher study is minimum D+ Grade (30% for each paper) .

2. Practical Examination

a) The maximum score for IT practical examination to the regular candidates is 30. Out of this, 28 score for testing the IT skills and 2 score for IT practical workbook. The evaluation of the answers of the 28 score practical examination which is conducted using software will be done by the teachers posted as invigilators of the practical examination. The software will have provision for recording the score (maximum 2) for the practical work book.

b) For private candidates, IT Practical Examination will be conducted before the commencement of written examination as done last year.

c) IT examination will be conducted using special software.

d) Practical Examination of Pre- Vocational subjects will conducted three days before the written test. The candidates should contact the Chief Superintendent of the centers concerned and ascertain from there the date and time of practical examination.

3. Save A Year (SAY) Examination

Those Regular Candidates who are not qualified for higher studies in the 2013 March SSLC(HI) Examination are eligible for appearing the Save A Year(SAY) Examination which is proposed to be conducted in May 2013. The candidates should submit their application in this regard within 5 days on publication of results. Separate notification in this regard will be issued in due course.

Time Table

Date Day Time Subject
11/03/2013 Monday 1.45 pm to 4.30 pm Malayalam
12/03/2013 Tuesday 1.45 pm to 4.30 pm English
13/03/2013 Wednesday 1.45 pm to 3.30 pm Physics
14/03/2013 Thursday 1.45 pm to 3.30 pm Chemistry
16/03/2013 Saturday 1.45 pm to 3.30 pm Biology
18/03/2013 Monday 1.45 pm to 4.30 pm Mathematics
19/03/2013 Tuesday 1.45 pm to 3.30 pm History & Civics (SS-I)
20/03/2013 Wednesday 1.45 pm to 3.30 pm Geography & Economics (SS-II)
21/03/2013 Thursday 1.45 pm to 3.00 pm Information Technology ( Except school going candidate)


1. Indian Standard Time should be followed.

2. On any account the examination shall be postponed unless there is a direction issued by the Commissioner for Government Examinations.

The above schedule should be strictly followed even one or more days mentioned in the time table are declared holidays.

3. The period from 1.45 pm to 2.00 pm will be considered as “Cool-off-time”.

4. Eligibility for Appearing Examination

i. Regular Candidates (SGC)

a. Students studying in Government/ Aided/ Unaided (Recognised) Schools in Std. X during the Academic year 2012-2013 and in the schools roll as on 01/10/2012 are eligible for appearing for the examination as regular candidates. They should undergo the continuous evaluation process in each paper as part of the curriculum and should have a minimum of 85% attendance as cited in rules.

b. The head of schools should ensure that only the pupils who have attained the age of 14 as on 01/06/2012 are included in the candidate list.

ii. Attendance Recouped Candidates (ARC)

Candidates who have undergone the continuous evaluation process during the course in Standard X and were not able to attend the public examination due to lack of attendance and cancelled the candidature can appear the examination March 2013 as ‘’Attendance Recouped Candidates’’. Such candidates should make good the loss of attendance from the same school during this year where they had studied earlier.

iii. Candidature Cancelled Candidates (CCC)

Candidates who were included in the ‘A’ list prepared for SSLC (Hearing Impaired) Examination for the academic year 2011- 2012 and have attained required attendance for appearing the examination, but cancelled their candidature as they could not appear for the examination owing to illness or any other valid reason can appear for the examination as Candidature Cancelled Candidates.

iv. Betterment of Result Candidates (BT)

Candidates who have already qualified for higher studies and want to improve their grades can appear for the examination and better their results as per the following conditions.

a) The appearance for the betterment of result should be within a period of three years from the year of qualification.
b) The candidate should not have obtained any higher qualification during this period.
c) Betterment of result is permitted to only one chance and such candidates should appear for examination only as full course.

v)Private Candidates

Those candidates who appeared for the SSLC Hearing Impaired examination in the Grading System and are not eligible for higher studies can appear for the examination as private candidates.

5. The Examination will be held at the following Centres

Sl. No. Name of Centre Educational District Centre Code
1 Marthoma School for the Deaf, Cherkala, Chengala P.O. Kasaragod Kasaragod 11801
2 Jyothibhavan School for Hearing Impaired, Chayoth, Chayoth P.O., Neeleswaram, Kasaragod, Pin- 671314 Kanhangad 12801
3 Don Bosco Speech and Hearing Centre, Karakundu, Thiruvattur, Taliparamba, Pariyaram, Kannur-670502 Kannur 13801
4 Karunya Nikethan School for Deaf , Vilayancode ,Kannur, P.O.Vilayancode, Pin-670501 Kannur 13802
5 Special School for Deaf and Dumb, Chavara Nivas, Iritty, Iritty P.O., Pin-670703, Kannur Thalassery 14801
6 St. Rosellio’s School for Speech and Hearing , Poomala, Sulthan Bathery, Wayanad-673592 Wayanad 15801
7 Rahmaniya School for the Handicapped, Velliparamb, Kozhikkode, P.O. Calicut East- 673008 Kozhikode 17801
8 Calicut School for the Handicapped , Snehanagar P.O., Kolathara, Pin- 673655 Kozhikkode 17802
9 Karuna Speech and Hearing for the Deaf, Eranjipalam, Kozhikkode, Pin-673006 Kozhikkode 17803
10 Assissi School for the Deaf, Palachode P.O., Malappuram, Pin- 679338 Malappuram 18801
11 Govt H.S. for Deaf, Ottappalam P.O. Ottappalam, Palakkad, Pin-679104 Ottappalam 20801
12 Sravana Samsara School, West Yakkara, P.O. West Yakkara, Palakkad-678001 Palakkad 21801
13 Asha Bhavan School for the Deaf, Pavaratti P.O., Ollur, Pin- 680306 Thrissur 22801
14 Amritha Speech and Hearing Improvement School, Ayyanthole, Thrissur, Pin-680003 Thrissur 22802
15 Govt. HS for the Deaf, Kunnamkulam ,Thrissur, Pin- 680565 Chavakkad 24801
16 Snehalayam CSI HS for Deaf Kunnamkulam P.O., Pin- 680503 Chavakkad 24802
17 St.Clare Oral School for the Deaf Manikamangalam, Kalady P.O., Pin- 683574 Aluva 25801
18 Father Agostino Vicinis Special School for the Hearing Impaired, Mundamveli, Ekm, Pin- 682507 Eranakulam 26801
19 Assissi School for Deaf, Vazhappilly East East, Vazhappilly P.O., Eranakulam Muvattupuzha 28801
20 CSI VHSS for the Deaf ,Thiruvalla, Thiruvalla P.O., Pin- 689101 Thiruvalla 37801
21 CSI HSS for the partially Hearing, Manakala, Adoor, Pin- 691551 Pathanamthitta 38801
22 The School for the Deaf, Enath P.O., Adoor, Pathanamthitta, Pin- 691526 Pathanamthitta 38802
23 Govt. VHSS and THS for the Deaf, Jagathy, Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram 43801
24 HSS for Deaf and blind, Neerpara, Assissimount, Kottayam District- 686605 Kaduthuruthy 45801
25 Ourlady of Consolation HS for Deaf and Dumb, Mannackanad, Kuravilangad, Kottayam- 686633 Kaduthuruthy 45802

The Headmasters of the School in which the examination for SSLC Hearing Impaired are conducted will be the Chief Superintendent of the centre concerned except otherwise ordered. In unaided schools, separate teachers from Government schools will be posted. The Headmasters retire from service on 31.03.2013 will not be considered for posted as Chief Superintendent.

6. (a) Examination Fee

a) Fee for regular candidate -Rs.30/-
b) Fee for each paper (Private Candidate) -Rs.20/-
c) Fine for late remittance -Rs.10/-

Head of institution should receive application from the private candidates along with the examination fees. The fee should be remitted into treasury under the Head of Account “0202-01-102-99-Exam Fees”.

b) Exemption of fee

Students Below Poverty Line (BPL) appearing for the SSLC (Hearing Impaired) Examination after completion of the course in any Government or aided special school of the State are exempted from the payment of fee for the first appearance, provided such appearance is at the close of the academic year in which the candidate studies in Std. X for the first time (G.O.(Rt) 3668/2001/GE/dated 13/10/2001). Attendance recouped, candidature cancelled and betterment candidates are not eligible for this concession.

In the case of regular students belonging to SC and other eligible communities, they will be allowed such free appearance for two chances with in a period of 3 years with effect from the date of completion of course (GO(MS)32/74/GE dated 18/02/1974).

Students belong to ST are eligible for exemption from the payment of examination fee up to 5 years (G.O.(Rt) 680/81/GE dated 25/02/1981).

Candidates who are inmates of recognized orphanage and Government Welfare Institutions are also exempted from remitting the examination fee.

Under no circumstances, the examination fees should be remitted to this office directly in cash or by cheque, Money Order, Postal Order or any other form of money transaction. The examination fees should be remitted through the head of the examination centre in which the candidate propose to write the examination. Fee once paid will not be refunded or allowed to be adjusted towards as subsequent examination.

c) Date of Receipt and Remittance of Examination fee

1. Receipt of application and Examination fee without fine: 03/12/2012 to  07/12/2012

2. Remittance of examination fee in treasury : 10/12/2012

3. Receipt of application and examination fee with fine: 11/12/2012 to  14/12/2012

4. Remittance of fee with fine in Treasury : 15/12/2012

5. Last date of remittance of cost of certificate in Treasury : 15/12/2012

6. Last date of online registration regarding the details of the candidates other than school going candidates (Private, ARC, CCC, B.T) : 19/12/2012

7. Cost of Certificate

All Candidates should remit Rs. 15/- as the cost of SSLC (Hearing Impaired) card. The Head of School should collect the amount from the each candidate and remit the same into treasury in the Head of Account “0202-01-102-92- Other receipts”. But the candidates who are inmates of recognized orphanage and Government welfare institutions are exempted from remitting the cost of card.

8. Mode of collection of Candidate Details.

Immediately after the last date of receipt of examination fee, the Head of Schools should prepare candidates list in form A and B. The candidates list should be prepared in every respect based on the information accorded in the School Admission Register. Separate A and B list should be prepared for regular candidates and private candidates. The Chief Superintendent of the school should prepare A and B lists (using permanent black ink) which will be supplied this Office. Ball pen should not be used. The lists are to be prepared in the alphabetical order of the name, girls first and boys later. The initials should be suffixed to the name.

The Chief Superintendent of the Centre concerned should prepare A & B lists, question paper statement and other connected records and forward the same to the Secretary to the Commissioner for Government Examination, PareekshaBhavan, Poojappura, Thiruvananthapuram -12 on or before 15/12/2012.

Copies of ‘A’ and ‘B’ list are available in all District Educational Offices. Permanent black ink should be used for preparing the list. The candidates list should be prepared in every aspect based in accordance with the School

Admission Register.

While furnishing the details of the private candidates by B list from the examination centres, make sure that the details of all previous appearances with register numbers and year should be furnished clearly. Those who do not furnish the details of all previous appearances will not be eligible for appearing the examination. Directions regarding collecting the photograph of candidates will be issued in due course.

9. Cancellation of Candidature

If the candidature of a student has to be cancelled under certain circumstances, application for the same should be submitted in the specified format attached. (Apendix C). The application should reach the Secretary to the Commissoner for Government Examinations before 28.02.2013. On the envelope “Application for cancellation of candidature” in red ink should be noted. The candidature of those who have attended the IT practical examination cannot be cancelled.

10. Grace Mark

Grace Marks will be awarded to the eligible candidates as per rules

a. SSLC(HI) students who have participated/prize winners in National Games/ Sports are eligible for grace mark.

b. Those who have participated in the All Kerala Youth Festival, Games Meet and Work Experience and won A, B & C Grades are eligible for Grace Marks.

c. Grace marks are awarded to the candidates only on the basis of the sanction order received from the Director of Public Instructions.
The details of score obtained for CE should reach the office of the Commissioner for Government Examination on or before 31/01/2013.

11. Issue of Admission Tickets

The Photograph affixed in the admission Ticket of the candidates will be issued by the Chief Superintendent at least 3 days before the commencement of examination.

Candidates are eligible to answer the non- language papers either in English or in Malayalam or in both at all levels.

12. Photocopy, Scrutiny and Revaluation of valued answer scripts:

a) Application for photocopy of answer scripts in annexure B should be submitted within 5 days from the date of publication of results. The fee for photocopy of the answer scripts is fixed as Rs. 200/- per paper.

b) Application from candidates in the form prescribed in Annexure B for scrutiny of valued answer scripts will be accepted only if submitted within 5 days from the date of publication of results. Fee for scrutiny is Rs.50/- per paper.

c) Application for revaluation of answer scripts (Theory Subject) from the candidates is to be submitted in the form prescribed in Annexure B. The fee for revaluation of answer scripts is fixed as Rs. 400/-per paper. Application for revaluation should be submitted within 5 days from the date of publication of results. Fresh certificates including the revised grade will be distributed through to the head of institute to those who procure higher grades. Along with this, the amount paid for revaluation will also be reimbursed.

(d) After reimbursing the amount to the students who obtained the higher grade in the revaluation, from the fees collected for revaluation, scrutiny, and photocopy etc., the balance amount should be remitted to the treasury under the head “0202-01-102-92 other receipts”. The photocopy of the chalan and the statements should be despatched to pareekshabhavan.

The fee for photocopy, scrutiny and revaluation should be remitted in cash to the head of schools. The HM’s should submit the details to Pareekshabhavan very next day itself.

d) Belated application will not be accepted.

13. Malpractice

Any candidate who commits or attempt to commit malpractice in the examination will be expelled immediately and will not be allowed to appear for any paper subsequently in the Examination. Candidates are warned that they should not take into the examination hall any written or printed matter and possession of the same by the candidate in the examination hall will be treated as malpractice. If any candidate behaves in any unruly manner either in the examination hall or in the premises when the examination is going on, they will be expelled from the examination for malpractice. They should also be debarred from appearing from subsequent examination and or for specified number of chances as decided by the competent authority.

14. Distribution of SSLC (HI) Cards

The SSLC(HI) cards printed with the grades obtained will be sent to the respective Heads of Schools from this office for distribution through the DEO concerned. SSLC cards containing wrong information about the candidates in correct signature, without seal or illegible print etc are not to be distributed. The school authorities have to inform the changes to be made to the Secretary Pareekshabhavan in time. The head of institution will have to enter the details of the SSLC(HI) card in the duplicate register before distributing it to the students. The signature of the students shall be collected in a separate register before issuing the SSLC(HI) card. Ink except black should not be used and such certificate will be treated as invalid.

15. Score Details

The score secured in the examination will not be disclosed to the candidates under any circumstances. But for those who go for higher studies, outside the state and if the scores of SSLC(HI) examination are required for admission, the same will be communicated confidentially to the Head of the institution where he/ she seeks admission at the instance of submitting a separate application along with the demand draft worth Rs.100/- in favour of the Secretary to the Commissioner for Government Examinations, Pareeksha bhavan. For employment purpose also score details will be communicated in this manner.

16. Eligibility Certificate

Those who have passed SSLC(HI) can obtain the eligibility certificate required for continuing their studies outside the state. To obtain this the candidate should submit an application in white paper affixing a court fee stamp for Rs.5/- along with their SSLC(HI) Certificate duly attested by Gazetted Officer.

All candidates appearing for the examination according to this notification will be deemed to have given undertaking to the effect that they will abide by all the rules now in force or those to be brought into effect hereafter in respect of the examination.

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