Tamil Nadu State Board Communicative English Blueprint for Class 12

Tamil Nadu Board of Higher Secondary Education Marking Scheme / Blueprint for Class 12 Communicative English is given below.

There are five sections A – E in the Question Paper

Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12 Marking Scheme - Communicative English


Questions 1 and 3 – The functions should be textual

Question 2 – The passage should be such that the students give five responses

Question 4 – The fill ups must be textual but the passage can be nontextual

Question 5 – Choose either the table questions or completing a paragraph type of question

Question 6 – Cite an occasion for dialogue writing

Question 7 – The fill ups should be from ‘Specific Purposes’

Question 8 – Choose either comprehension or table fillers

Questions 4, 5, 8 – Should be given from three different fields of ‘ specific purposes’

Questions 9 and 10 – This should be from ‘Specific Purposes’ . Any picture can be given.

Question 11 – Students’ choice


Question 12 – The vocabulary should be from ‘Academic Purposes’ . The passage can be non-textual.

Question 13 – Bar diagram / Pie Chart / Data in Non – Verbal presentation. (Any graphical presentation can be given)


Question 14 – Vocabulary should be textual

Question 15 – The fill ups should be from‘Occupational Purposes’

Question 16 – Theory question from ‘Occupational Purposes’ .


Question 17 – Theory question from ‘Creative Purposes’

Question 18 – Any poem on Nature – Suggest a situation where children will write a poem appreciating Nature.
Inaugural address / Farewell speech.


Question 19 – A letter for any one of the functions listed in the text or a letter to the editor citing a particular problem / Criticising / appreciating.

Question 20 – Error Spotting

Question 21 – Choosing the correct option (Concord)

Question 22 – Idioms – Textual (Matching the idioms with their meaning)

Questions 23, 24 and 25 – Communicative grammar – modals, prepositioins, clauses, conditionals etc.

XII Standard : Communicative English – Blue Print (Theory 150 Practical – 50)

Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12 Marking Scheme - Communicative English
Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12 Marking Scheme - Communicative English

Note : Figures within brackets indicate the number of questions and figures outside the bracket indicate marks for each question.

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