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(Answers to this Paper must be written on the paper provided separately.

You will not be allowed to write during the first 15 minutes.

This time is to be spent in reading the question paper.

The time given at the head of this Paper is the time allowed for writing the answers.


Attempt all questions from Section A and any four questions from Section B. The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].


SECTIONA (40 Marks)

Attempt all questions from this Section

 Question 1

(a)Give two reasons why a kitchen should be well ventilated.                                                                  [2]
(b)List two factors that influence the size of a kitchen.                                                                              [2]
(c)State two reasons for using warm colours in the house.                                                                       [2]
(d)What is meant by value of a colour?                                                                                                   [2]
(e)Name any two areas in a house that need to be well lit. Give one reason for each area. [2]


Question 2

(a) State two advantages of maintaining a pass-book.                                                                                [2]

(b) Mention any two disadvantages of payment through cheque.                                                               [2]

(c)Name two schemes introduced for tax payers to encourage compulsory savings. [2]

(d)State two differences between a Promissory note and a Collateral note.[2]

(e) List the four C’s that form the basis for getting credit.                                                                           [2]

Question 3

(a)List two body types commonly seen during childhood.                                                                        [2]

(b)Mention any two developmetnal tasks observed in children aged between 6-12 years.[2]

(c)    Name two protein stains and state a precaution to be taken while removing them. [2]

(d) Mention two secondary sex characteristics that are observed in an adolescent girl during puberty.     [2]

(e) Define the term ‘Social Development’.                                                                                                   [2]

Question 4

(a) State two reasons why dietary fibre should be included in planning a diet for elderly people.[2]

(b)  What kind of lights are energy efficient?[2]

(c) Explain in brief the term ‘complementary feeding’.[2]

(d) Why are white clothes bleached? Give two reasons.[2]

(e) State two reasons for makign a family budget.[2]


SECTION B (60 Marks)

Attempt (my.four’ questions from this Section

Question 5

Adolescence is the most challenging and complicated period of life. In this context explain the following:

(a)Positive and negative peer pressure.                                                                                                  [5]

(b) Search for an identity.                                                                                                                        [5]

(c)Five factors leading to conflict between adolescents and their parents. [5]

Question 6

Food hygiene may be defined as ‘the careful handling o f food in a way that will keep it safe and free from all contaminants’. In this context answer the following questions:

(a) Factors affecting the safety of food at home.                                                                                     [5]

(b)Storage of vegetables.                                                                                                                        [5]

(c)The need for food preservation.                                                                                                         [5]

Question 7
A well laundered garment showcases the grooming of the wearer.

(a) Explain the use of the following in Laundry

(i) Blues                                                               (ii) Stiffening agents                                              [5]

(b)Differentiate between methods used to launder cotton and woollen garments. [5]

(c) How would you identify a stain? Give a household method to remove the following stains:

(i) Ink stain                                                           (ii) Lipstick stain                                                      [5]

Question 8

The choice of interiors in a house reflects the intelligence of the home-maker.

(a)    What factors would you keep in mind while choosing furniture and colour for a small room? [5]

(b)Discuss the arrangement and importance of various work centres in a kitchen. [5]

(c) Explain the importance of curtains and draperies.                                                                                  [5]

Question 9

Management of money is an important aspect of Home Science. In this context explain.

(a) What is hire purchase? Discuss its merits and demerits.                                                                    [5]

(b) What are the factors which affect-the stretchability of money?                                                          [5]

(c) List the Various schemes available for investment purposes by a family. [5]

Question 10

(a} Discuss the areas in which physical development takes place during late childhood.  [5]

(b) What are the factors affecting physical development of a child?                                                            [5]

(c) Discuss the role of a teacher in nurturing a child.                                                                                  [5]

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