Drawing or Painting from Still Life

(Two Hours and a haIf)

 This paper is for the use of only the Supervising .Examiner, in consultation with the Art Teacher.

Attention is drawn to the syllabus and to the Instructions as given in the subject

syllabus for the March 2012 Examination, on 189 to 192 pages.

 Candidates must be instructed that ruling by any means whatsoever is forbidden.

The candidate’s Index Number must be written clearly on the top right .hand

corner of the front surface of the paper.

The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].

 Note: Two themes are given

Candidates may offer either Theme A or Theme B.  [100]


Theme A

Objects required: At least three Soft Toys of different sizes and Colours from amongst any of these — Bear, Dog, Chimpanzee, Monkey, Rabbit.

Arrangement: Place the three Soft Toys in such a way that they are all visible and make an attractiv composition. Suitable coloured drapery with a few folds should form the background. The selection of the foreground drapery should be in harmony with the entire colour scheme and setting.


Theme B

Objects required : A tea set comprising of a Tea Pot, Milk Pot and a Sugar Pot, a cup and plate and a spoon. 

Arrangements : Arrange the objects in such a way that they make an interesting composition. Suitable col0ured drapery should be used for the foreground and background.

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