(Two Hours)

 (Answers to this Paper must be written on the paper provided separately.

You will ~t be allowed to write during the first 15 minutes.

This time is to be spent in reading the question paper.

The time given at the head of this Paper is the time allowed for writing the answers.

 Attempt all questions from/hfct/on A and ~ questions from 8e~ton B

The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].


SECTION A (50 Marks)

Attempt all questions from this Section

Question 1

(a) Why is hygiene called the art of living?                                                                                                    [2]

(b)State any four ways to keep our skin healthy and disease free.                                                             [2]

(c)State any three qualification8 that a good shoe must possess.                                                              [3]

(d)    List three advantages of recreation in the modern style of living.                                                         [3]

Question 2

(a)State two rules of dental hygiene.                                                                                                         [2]

(b)What do you understand by a genetic disease?                                                                                     [2]

(c)List any three diseases spread by bacteria.                                                                                            [3]

(d)State three points to prevent obesity.                                                                                                    [3]

Question 3

(a)State four advantages of correct posture.                                                                                                 [2]

(b)Name two diseases spread by fungi.                                                                                                     [2]

(c)State any three preventive steps for Tuberculosis.                                                                                [3]

(d)List any three preventive steps to cure Arthritis.                                                                                   [3]

 Question 4

(a)Explain the terms: (1) BMI (2) BCG.                                                                                                   [2]

(b)What do you mean by CPR and ABC?.                                                                                                [2]

(c)List three injuries to the skin?                                                                                                               [3]

(d)State three symptoms of bone injury.                                                                                                   [3]

Question 5

(a)What do you mean by the term RICE?                                                                                                      [2]

(b)State four cause8 of sports injuries.                                                                                                      [2]

(c)State three preventive steps from retrying an electric shock.                                                                 [3]

(d)Name the pathogens for the following diseases:
(i) Chicken Pox

(ii) Typhoid

(iii) Scabies                                                                                            [3]

SECTION B (50 Marks)

Attempt two questions from this Section

You must attempt one question on each of the two games of your choice



Question 6

(a) State the following:

(i) Weight and circumference of the ball

(ii)Length and the widest part of the Cricket bat

(iii) Height and the Breadth of stumps

 (iv) Size of bails and sight screen                                                                                                         [8]

(b) (i)Describe any s/x occasions when a batsman may be declared out.[6]

       (ii)State any three duties of the Umpires.                                                                                            [3]

(c) What is meant by the following terms:

           (i) A duck                                                         (ii) A century
(iii) A maiden over                                        (iv) A bye                                                                 [8]

Question 7

(a) (i) State any four conditions when runs are added to the team’s total and not to the batsman’s total runs.

      (ii) Explain a ‘declaration’ in a Cricket match.

      (iii)What does a quick single mean?                                   [8]

(b) Briefly explain the following:

      (i)An over throw                                             (ii)A power-play

     (iii) A follow-on in a five-day match                                                                                                [9]

(c) (i)Differentiate between a glance and a sweep shot.

(ii) State any four duties of a Captain.                                                                                               [8]


Question 8

(a) (i) What is the width of all the lines drawn on a football field?

(ii) What’ is a penalty arc and why is it important?

(iii) Explain the position of the ball and the players during a penalty kick. [8]

(b) (i) What is the procedure of resuming the game from a Goal Kick?

(ii) Give any three situations when a kick-off is applied.

(iii) Give three offences for which a yellow card is shown to a player? [9]

(c) (i) Write four situations when a player is not offside when he receives the ball.

(ii) How many player substitutions are allowed to a team during a match?  What is the procedure adopted in the above situation?                                                                [8]

Question 9

(a) (i) Write the maximum and the minimum number of players required to begin a match.

(ii) Answer the following:

(1) Shape and material of the ball.

(2) Circumference and weight of the ball.


(iii) State any four duties of the referee during a match in progress. [8]

(b) (i) What is advantage in football?

(ii) Define the following:

(1) Zone defence                                           (2) Man to man defence                                 [9]

(c)(i) Explain the following terms:

(1) A drop ball                                                (2) A slide tackle

(ii)  State any four situations when a direct free kick is awarded to the opposing team. [8]


Question 10

(a)(i) What area comprises the safety zone in a Handball court?

(ii) Describe the attire of a Handball team.

(iii) What is a penalty shootout and when is it carried out?                                                           [8]

(b) (i) List any s/x occasions when the clock is stopped during the game?

(ii) How does a player advance with the ball?                                                                            [9]

(c) (i) State any four throws used in the game of Handball.

(ii) When the ball is being advanced with, what is it that the opposition  players are not permitted to do?                                                                                           [8]

Question 11

(a) (i) What area comprises the safety zone in a Handball court?

(ii)) What is the restrainign line meant for?

(iii) Explain the term throw off’.                                                                                                       [8]

(b) (i) What is meant by a referee throw?

(ii) When is a player excluded from the game?

(iii) What is the purpose of the substitution line?                                                                          [9]

(c) Define the following

  (i) A suspension                                       (ii) An exclusion
(iii) A passive-play                                    (iv) A fast-break                                                   [8]


Question 12

(a) (i) When does the substitution of players take place in the game of Hockey?

(ii) In the event of the ball going over a back line, how does the game resume.

(iii) When is a free hit awarded to a defender and to an attacker? [8] (b) (z) List three offences of defenders penalized with a penalty comer against them?

(b) (i) List any s/x ‘Do nots’ that players are to avoid during a game. [9] (c) (s) Write any four occasions when the umpire blows the whistle during a game.

(ii) What is the procedure to resume the game when the ball is played over the back-like unintentionally by a defender? [8]

Question 13
(a) (i) What is a flick and when it is used during a game?

(ii) Who assists the two umpires in the conduct of the game?

(iii) Define the following: (i) Indian dribble (ii) shovelling                                                               [8]

(b) (i)Define Feinting.

(ii) Name s/x playing positions in the game of Hockey.                                                            [9]

(c) Explain the following terms:

(i) A misconduct                                       (ii) A comer push
(iii) Dangerous play                                    (iv) A warning                                                       (8)



 Question 14

(a) What is meant by:

(i) Back Court                                                  (ii) Front Court

(iii) Held ball                                                    (iv)Rebounding    [8]

(b) (i) How does a team advance with the ball in an attempt to score?

(ii) When is the clock stopped during a game of Basketball?

(iii) Explain a situation of a basket interference.                                                                                             [9]

(c) (i) State four occasions when a ball becomes dead during play.

(ii) List four duties of a Scorer.                                               [8]

Question 15

(a) (i) What duties are performed by a 9.4 Second Operator?

(ii) What is meant by the term ‘Charging?

(iii) List any four types of match equipment.                                                                                                   [8]

(b) What do you understand by the following terms?

(i) Blocking                                                       (ii) Holding
(iii) Lay-up-shot                                                                                                                                [9]

(c) Explain the following terms:
(i) Dribbling                                                    (ii) Board – Shot
(iii) Three Point                                             (iv) Team Fouls                                                                                                       [8]

Question 16

(a)(i)Write the dimensions and characteristics of the ball used in a game of Volley ball.

(ii) How is a point scored in the game of Volleyball?                                                                [8]

(b)Enumerate the duties of:

(i) A First referee                                                 (ii)An Assistant referee
(iii)A Captain on the court                                                                                                            [9]

(c) Briefly explain the following:

(i) Rotation                                                           (ii) A collective block
(iii) Screening                                                      (iv) Technical time-out                                    [8]

Question 17

(a) Explain the following terms:

(i)Carrying the ball                             (ii) Consecutive-contract

(iii) Sette                                                 (iv) Free-Zone-Area

(b) (i)What is a rally point ?

(ii) What is spiking and how is it performed ?

(iii) What are three different skills of he game of Volleyball ?

(c) What is meant by:

 (i)A floating-Service                                     (ii) Antennae
(iii) Libro                                                           (iv) Ace                                                                   [8]

Question 18

(a)(i)What name is given to the Soft~ playing field?

(ii)Explain what is meant by fa/r ternary and foul territory in Softball.

(iii)Give the number of batter’s boxes in Softball and their dimensions. [8]

(b)(i)Describe an officially approved Softball and its measurement.

(ii)Write any s/x duties of the plate umpire.                                                                               [9]

(c)(i)Name the infielders and the outfielders,

(ii)Define the following:
(1) Batting-order
(2) A chopped ball                                                                                                                      [8]


Question 19

a) (i) Explain a fair ball and a foul ball.

(ii) Who is an on deck batter and what role does he play in the game? [8]

(b) (i) List any three conditions when a batter become a batter runner.

(ii) List any three occasions when the base runner are entitled to advance without liability to be put out.

(iii) What does in jeopardy mean in Softball.                                                                                [9]

(c) (i) List four occasions when a base runner is declared out?

(ii) Explain the following:

(1) Force out                                                  (2) Inning                                                         [8]

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