(Two Hours)

 Answers to this Paper must be written on the paper provided separately.

You will not be allowed to write during the first 15 minutes.

This time is to be spent in reading the question paper.

The time given at the head of this Paper is the time allowed for writing the answers.

 Attempt all questions from Section A and any four questions from Section B.

The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].

 SECTION A (40 Marks)

Attempt all questions from this section


Question 1

(a)Why is there a need for alternative fuels? [2]

(b)State the difference between a core zone and a buffer zone in a tiger reserve.     [2]

(c)How can subsidies given to an industry reduce air pollution?                                                  [2]

(d)State any two effects of Ozone depletion on the environment.                                               [2]

(e)What is reforestation?                                                                                                                      [2]

Question 2

(a) Name the substance added to petrol to increase the efficiency of the engine.[2]

(b) What is the objective of an MNC?[2]

(c) Define wildlife management.[2]

(d) Expand the abbreviations of the following:[2]

(i) IWC                     (ii)CPGR

(e)  What is the goal of the City Summit?[2]

Question 3

(a)   State two indirect effects of soil erosion.[2]

(b)   Mention any two advantages of road side planting.[2]

(c)   Why are mangroves considered important?[2]

(d)   Explain the term Grass reserves. [2]

(e)   What is Baranaja farming?[2]

Question 4

(a) What is the concept used in micro-irrigation?[2]

(b) In the early part of 2011 a natural disaster resulted in a nuclear disaster.When and what caused this nuclear disaster?            [2]

(c)Mention any two adverse effects of soil erosion. –                                                                     [2]

(d)Name two fuels which are produced from biomass.                                                                  [2]

(e)Why is there a need to encourage education for women?                                                        [2]

SECTION B (40 Marks)

Attempt any four questions from this Section


Question 5

(a) Explain any five important steps needed to preserve wildlife.                                                                    [5]

(b) What are Genetically modified crops? Discuss the various environmental risks associated with them.            [5]

Question 6

(a) What do slums arise? Suggest any three ways by which a slum area can be improved.                           [5]

(b)Define the term Health as stated by WHO. State the three circumstances  under which health gets damaged.          [5]

Question 7

(a) Describe five ways by which the Public transport system can help to preserve the environment.          [5]

(b) Briefly explain the Silvicultural system.                                                                                                [5]

Question 8

(a) What is Community participation? What is its role in Public awareness programmes? Support youra nswer with examples.                  [5]

(b) Villages in our country seldom suffered from water shortage in the past. However, in recent times water scarcity seems to have become a part of life in villages due to lack of indigenous technologies. Suggest ways to resolve the water crisis in rural areas.                      [5]

Question 9

(a) The Earth Summit recently organized was not successful in its objectives. Briefly explain the conflict between the developed and developing nations in context to the above statement.                                 [5]

(b) Remote sensing satellites have played an important role in collecting information over the past few decades. Suggest five reasons for the popularity of this form of technology.                                [5]

Question 10

(a) State the importance of soil conservation. Mention some of the traditional soil conservation measures still practised by farmers in different parts of the world.                                                       [5]

(b) What is Integrated Pest Management? State its importance in agricultural activities.                                                            [5]

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