(Two Hours)

 Answers to this Paper must be written on the paper provided separately.

You will not be allowed to write during the.first 15 minutes.

This time is to be spent in reading the question paper.

The time given at the head of this Paper is the time aUowed for writing the answers.

 Attempt all questions from Section A and any four questions from Section B.

The intended marks for questions or parts of questions arc given in brackets [ ].


Attempt all questions from this Section


Question 1.

(a) How can you make the ceiling appear lower with the right choice of colour? [2]

(b) State two ways of taking care of carpets.     [2]

(c) Mention two vegetable stains.             [2]

(d) What is the method employed to wash cotton garments ?     [2]

(e) What is the difference between assured income and possible income ?       [2]

Question 2.

(a) Explain the term ‘Hygroscopic nature of food’.        [2]

(b) Name two dry cleaning agents with suitable examples.     [2]

(c) What is hire-purchase ?      [2]

(d) State two reasons for saving.    [2]

(e) What are the advantages of convenience foods ?      [2]

Question 3.

(a) Name two types of budget.      [2]

(b) List any two factors affecting the safety of food at home.      [2]

(c) State two disadvantages of dry cleaning.     [2]

(d) What do you understand by ‘Stretchability of money’ ?     [2]

(e) How would you remove the following ?

(i) Blood stains
(ii) Turmeric stains.                           [2]

Question 4.

(a) Give two advantages of starching clothes.      [2]

(b) What is spot cleaning ?             [2]

(c) State the principles of food preservation.          [2]

(d) What are the fasteners commonly used ?        [2]

(e) Give one use for each of the following:

(i) Talcum powder                                         (ii) Petrol.     [2]


(Attempt any four quest/ons from this Section)


Question 5.

Good nutrition is of immense .importance at all ages – young or old. Keeping this in mind –

(a) Discuss any five factors affecting meal planning.     [5]

(b) Nutritional requirements of adolescents are higher than that of adults. Explain.[5]

(c)Enumerate the importance of a good breakfast.          [5]

Question 6.

Experiences at home are reflected in the personality development of children. In this context –

(a) Explain the factors affecting the physical development of a child.   [5]

(b)   Discuss the relationship between socio-economic status of the family and the language development of a child.        [5]

(c)   Grandparents form a very important part of a child’s environment Discuss. [5]

Question 7.

The kitchen is considered to be the ‘soul’ of the house, In this context explain.

(a) Advantages of a well planned kitchen.     [5]

(b) Account for the importance of the sink in the kitchen.             [5]

(c) Discuss any five important factors to be considered while planning a kitchen. [5]

Question 8.

The school plays a vital role in the process of socialization.

(a) Briefly describe the school’s role in moulding an adolescent.    [5]

(b) Enumerate the emotional concerns of adolescence.        [5]

(c) What do you understand by Positive Peer Pressure on the adolescent boy of girl? [5]

Question 9.

Durability of clothes depends largely on the care taken to launder them.

(a) What are the properties of a good laundry soap ? [5]

(b) State the advantages of Dry Cleaning.[5]

(c)   Write short notes on each of the following:[5]

(i) Storage of clothes

(ii) Pressing of woollens.

Question 10.

Every home maker searches for financial security and saving becomes her priority.

(a) Explain the process of opening a Savings Bank Account.        [5]

(b) Discuss the factors affecting a family budget.                   [5]

(c) List the steps in the making of a family budget.             [5]

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