Drawing or Painting from Still Life

(Two hours and half)

This paper is for the use of only the Supervising Examiner, in consultation with the Art Teacher.

Attention is drawing the syllabus and to the instructions as given in the subject syllabus for the March 2011 examination, on pages 170 to 173.


Candidates must be instructed that ruling by any marks whatsoever is forbidden.

The candidate’s Index Number must be written clearly on the top right hand comer of the front s ur face of the papers.

The intended rnarks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].,


         Note: Two themes are given. Candidates may offer either theme A or Theme B,                                                          [ 100]


Theme A

Objects required: A glass Jug (not less than 20 cm in height) more than half filled with orange Juice, a wrapped loaf of bread, an apple and two bananas.
Arrangement: A wrapped loaf of bread, an apple and two bananas should be placed in front of the jug to make an attractive composition. The whole arrangement should be kept against a suitable contrast background and placed well below the eye level.
If the group is painted, the background must be included.


Theme B

Objects required: A botfie-gourd (note less than 25 cm in length) half a papaya, two tomatoes, a big size onion and a capsicum.

Arrangement: Place the bottle-gourd on the table leaning against the backdrop. Place the papaya, tomatoes, onion and capsicum in front of it. The inside part of the papaya should be visible. The whole arrangement should be kept well below the eye level.

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