Applied Art ….

(Three hours)

Instruments and tracing paper are allowed, but you are advised to restrict their use as far as far as possible. Write your name and Index Number on the top right hand corner of the front surface of the paper. Except where the question asks for a particular medium to be used, candidates are recommended to consider the

Choice of different media and processes and are reminded the following are permissible:

Coloured ink, poster and water colours, stencil, wax resist, collages, or printing from lino, potato, vegetable or fruit, or the use of any material such as cardboard or string which will give an interesting texture.

The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].


Attempt one of the following questions: [ 100]

1.  Make a book cover titled ‘INCREDIBLE INDIA!’ Special attention must be given to a bold and simple creative design with a good colour scheme. The size should be 15 cm x 25 cm.

2.     Design an effective poster in not more than four colours on the theme of’SAVE ANIMALS’ with a caption ‘SHOOT WITH A CAMERA, NOT WITH A GUN’. Special attention should be given to calligraphy. Work to the fully extent of the sheet. The Poster must be strikingly attractive with a good colour scheme.

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