(Two hours}

 Answers to this Paper must be written on the paper provided separately.

You will not be allowed to write during the.first 15 minutes.

This time is to be spent in reading the question paper.

The time given at the head of this Paper is the time aUowed for writing the answers.

 Attempt all questions from Section A and any two questions from Section B.

The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].


(Attempt all questions from this section.)


Question 1.

(a) write any two advantages of Health Education. [2]

(b) Define Insomnia.[2]

(c) State the sleep requirements for the following age groups: [3]

(i) Infants and children up to four years

(ii) 12-14 years

(iii) Adults.

(d) Write any three causes of bad posture. [3]

Question 2.

(a)  State any two harmful effects of consuming alcohol. [2]

(b)  What is nutrition ? [2]

(c)  Define FirstAid. [3]

(d)  Write any three causes of obesity.[3]

Question 3.

(a)  Name any two diseases spread by viruses. [2]

(b)  Define Disinfectant.[2]

(c)  What points should be kept in mind in order to have healthy hair ? [3]

(d)  List any three harmful effects of Tobacco consumption. [3]

Question 4.

(a)  Write any four steps of First Aid for cramps. [2]

(b)  What is congenital disease ?[2]

(c)  Write any three symptoms of Tuberculosis. [3]

(d)  State any three ill-effects of drugs.[3]

Question 5.

(a) What are the two causes of Bronchitis ? [2]

(b)  Write four example of sports injuries. [2]

(c)  Name three diseases for which MMR vaccine is given. [3]

(d)  Name the causal agents for the following diseases: [3]

(i) Rabies

(ii) Pneumonia

(iii) Ring-work.

SECTION-B (50 MARKS) (Attempt two questions from this section.)

You must attempt one question on each of the two games of your choice.


 Question 6.

(a) (i) Explain the following terms:

(1) Sight Screen

(2) How’s That ?

(ii) What do you understand by the term Timed out ?

(iii) State the number of overs after which a new ball can be taken. [8]

(b) (i) What is meant by obstructing the field ?

(ii) Who is the twelfth man in the game of Cricket

(iii) What do you understand by a half volley ?    [9]

(c) (i) Give any two conditions when a pitch may be changed.

(ii) List four differentJtypes of strokes played by a batsman.

(iii) What do you mean by the term Appeal ?           [8]

Question 7.

 (a) (i) What term do we use if there is no run scored in an over ?

(ii) Explain the following:

(1) The Bowling Crease

(2) The Popping Crease

(iii) Can a white ball be used in Cricket, if so when, if not why ?    [8]

(b) (i) What do you understand by term Bye ?

(ii) State any three occasions when the game can be suspended.

(iii) What is the standard size and weight of the ball used in Cricket ?                                                              [9]

(c) (i) Write any four decisions given by the leg umpire.

(ii) Explain the role of a third umpire in a match.

(iii) Under what condition does the umpire change the bat ?     [8]



Question 8.

(a) (i) What are the procedures to take a throw in ?

 (ii) Write any four instances where a Direct Free kick is awarded.                                                                      [8]

(b) (i) Mention any three fundamental skills of playing Football.

(ii) Explain the procedure in detail for the tie-breaker in the game of Football.

(iii) What is the duration of the game ? When can this duration be extended? [9]

(c) (i) What are the duties of the referee before the match ?

(ii) What is the distance between the goal posts and what is the height of the cross bar from the ground ?                                                                                                                        [8]

 Question 9.

 (a) (i) State any four offences committed by a player within his own penalty area, which warrants the award of a penalty kick. ,

(ii) What is the circumference and weight of a standard Football ?

 State its minimum and~mximum size.                                                                                                           [8]

(b) (i) How is a goal scored in the gainc of Football ?

(ii) As a Referee what decisions would you take if the following incidents occur during a match ?

 (1) A player intentionally pushes an opponent

(2) A defending player intentionally handles the ball in the penalty area

(3) A player indulges in misconduct even after receiving a Yellow Card. [9]

Explain the following:

(1) corner-kick                              (2) ball out of play.

(ii)Explain the term offside.                                                                                                                             [8]


 Question 10.

(a) (i) Explain the following: [8]

(1) Goal area        (2) Free Throw line

(ii) Answer the following with reference to the game of Handball:

(1) Duration of the extra time                      (2) Free Throw line

(b)(i) Explain the following terms: [9]

(1) Playing with the ball                          (2) Offensive Foul.

(ii) Write any three privileges of the goal keeper.

(c)(i) Write six situations where a penalty throw is awarded.

(ii) Write any two situations where a warning is given. [8]

 Question 11.

(a) (i) Write down any four situations for a free throw.


(ii)List any four duties of the Referees on the field.                                                                                        [8]

(b) (i) How is the winning team decided if the game ends in tie ?

(ii) State any three examples of unsportsmanlike conduct during the game. [9]

(c) (i) What do you mean by double-Dribble ?

(ii) What do you understand by the term Fake ?

(iii) Define runing.

What is meant by screen ?                                            [8]


Question 12:

(a) Explain the following terms: [8]

                          (i) penalty corner                                     (ii) Dangerous Play.

(b) (i) What do you mean by rolling-substitution ? [9]

(ii) Explain the term dribbling.

(iii) Write any three duties of the Referee.

(c) Write the following:

(i) Duration of play (men and women)

(ii) Weight of the ball

(iii) Weight of the stick

(iv) Number of players to start a game and number of substitute players in a team. [8]


Question 13.

(a) Explain the following techniques:
(i) Flick (ii) Dodge (iii) Scoop (iv) Push      [8]

(b) (i) List any s/x protective equipment for a Goal Keeper.

(ii) Write any three basic skills of the game Hockey.   [9]

(c) Write the following measurements~

 (i) Length of the play field.
(ii) Breadth of the play field.
(iii) Penalty stroke position.
(iv) Diameter of the shooting circle-‘D’.                                                                                                      [8]


Question 14.

(a) (i) write the s/x procedures of substitution.

 (ii) Write any two duties of the Time keeper.        [8]

 (b) (i) Explain the following:

                                (1) Travelling                       (2) Rebounding.

(ii) State the three different points that can be scored after a basket.

 What are the conditions for each of these points to be awarded ?             [9]

 (c) (i) Write the procedure to start the game.

 (ii) What are the technical equipn~ent used by the table officiais?                [8]

Question 15.
(a) Describe in detail the following terms:

 (i) Team fouls                                (ii) One hand push pass
(iii) Hook pass                                (iv) Back court.                     [8]

(b) What do you understand by the following terms

                          (i) Dunk shot                               (ii) Free throw    (iii) Zone press.                                                           .[9]

(c) (i) When does a three second rule apply in the game of Basketball ?

(ii) Write any two conditions when a team forfeits the right of play.

(iii) Write the following measurements:

                                (1) Area of a Basketball Court                                (2) Radius of circles

                                (3) Height of the board from the surface           (4) Diameter of the ring,                                                [8]


Question 16.

(a) (i) List any four Blocking Faults.

(ii) Give any two conditions when a team is compelled to substitute a player.[8]

(b) (i) Write any three duties of the linesman.

(ii) Define the following terms:

(1) Time out (2) Front zone (3) Service attempt.                        [9]

(c) What is meant by service area, side bands, rotation and substitution-Zone ? [8]

Question 17.

(a) (1) What is meant by:

(1) Positional fault                       (2) Rotational fault ?

(ii)   How many legal interruptions are allowed in a game ?

Who grants the legal interruptions ?

(b) (i) What is meant by ball in play ?

(ii) Explain the rule related to the number of contacts per team.

(c) Explain the following rules:

(i) The ball sent into the opponent’s court

(ii) the ball in the net.


Question 18.

(a) (i) Write any four positions of a fielding team in a game of Softball.

(ii) Explain the following:

(1) Double play         (2) A Bunt.

(b) ( i) Write the details of the following:

(ii) Total number of players

(2) How many can play in the game ?

(3) Number of substitutions.

(ii) Explain the term Obstruction.

(c) (i) Explain scoring the game of Softball.

(ii) Explain the procedure for substitution.

Question 19.

(a)Draw the diagrams of the Softball diamond and the baseplate with all important markings. [8]

(b)(i) How many innings are’ played in the game of Softball ?
(ii) List any seven equipment used in the game of Softball.     [9]

(c)(i) List any two situations when the Umpire calls a strike.
(ii) List any two situations when the Umpire calls a ball.        [8]

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