Answers to this Paper must be written on the paper provided separately.

You will not be allowed to write during the first 15 minutes.

This time is to be spent in reading the Question Paper.

The time given at the head of this Paper is the time allowed for writing the answers.


Section A is compulsory. Attempt any four questions from Section B.

The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [].




(Attempt all questions from this Section)

Question 1.


(a) Define land use.    [2]

(b) State any two effects of leaching of toxins from landfills into water bodies. [2]

(c) What is biological treatment ?      [2]

(d) State any two objectives of the Ramsar convention.  [2]

(e) State any two effects of using firewood as a fuel.    [2]

(f) State any three initiatives you can take to help an NGO that works towards  saving water.  [3]

(g) Mention any three applications of remote sensing technology. [3]

(h) Suggest any three measures that can be taken to reduce pollution in development countries. [3]

(i) Khadi is an Indian handspun and hand woven cloth. State any three reasons for encouraging the use of khadi. [3]

(j) State any three environmental problems caused by thermal power plants. [3]

(k) Name any two alternate fuels. State any one advantage of using such a fuel. [3]

(1) What are Euro norms? State any two advantages of using such a fuel.  [3]

(m) Write the full form of JFM. List anytwo advantages of JFM.   [3]

(n) Mention any three salient features of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). [3]

(o)  In which country is Curitiba ‘located? State any two important things we can learn from the traffic management system of Curitiba. [3]



(Attempt any four questions from this Section)


Question 2.

(a) Explain any,five ways by which globalizaUon could help a developing economy like India. [5]

(b) Discuss any,five ways by which NGOs can promote women welfare.   [5]

(c)   You have been assigned with the task of designing a development policy for your country. Discuss anyfive things that you would include in such a policy. [5]

Question 3.

 (a) Gandhijl propagated community based self sufficient growth. Explain any five ways of achieving such growth in Indian villages.                          [5]

(b) What is indigenous technology? Describe any two advantages and two disadvantages of such technology.  [5]

(c) Examine the scope of grass root upward planning rather than trickle down effect planning. [5]

Question 4.

(a) Explain any`five possible solutions to the energy problem of the world.[5]

(b) Write in brief on any`five contributions made by Auroville towards the conservation of the environment. [5]

(c) Describe the working of a wet scrubber.[5]

Question 5.

(a) Discuss any five techniques of water shed management.   [5]
(b) Explain any ,five ways of managing wastes effectively. [5]
(c) A great need has been felt for the generation of alternatives to timber.
Explain any ,five reasons for generating such alternatives.  [5]

Question 6.
(a) Explain any,five problems faced by people who try to reduce air pollution. [5]
(b) Discuss any five reasons for conserving resources. [5]
(c) Describe any five ways of combating deforestation. [5]

Question 7.

The diagram given below shows the-working of a large dam for the purpose of generating electricity. Observe the diagram given below and answer the questions that follows’

(a) Briefly describe how hydro electricity is generated.    [5]

(b) Describe any,five limitations of using such technology.  [4]

(c) State any two advantages of using such technology for generating power. [2]

(d)  Many environmentalists propose small dams, as an alternative to large dams. Discuss any four advantages of small dams. [4]

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