(Three hours)

(Candidates are allowed additional 15 minutes for only reading the paper They must NOT start writing during this time.)


Attempt five questions, covering at least Three of the prescribed textbooks. If you answer two questions on any one book, do not base them both on the same material

The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets []. Note:- Credit is given for textual detail and for the candidate’s own response. Candidates are advised to exercise their options with great ex,re, keeping in view their knowledge and understanding of the questions(s) chosen Candidate, res are also expected to be precise and to avoid unnecessary details,



Question 1

Though, the novel Wuthering Heights depicts the deep love between Cathy and Heath cliff. the underlying tone of the novel is one of cruelty and suffering. Evaluate this observation with close reference to the text.[20]

Question 2

Attempt a character sketch of Catherine Earnshaw as the moving force behind the events of  the novel. [20]

Question 3

Attempt a vivid and detailed description of Lockwood’s first two visits to Wuthering Heights. In what way are these visits significant?[20]

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD – Harper Lee Question 4

Referring to specific incidents in the novel, give a clear picture of Calpurnia and comment on her role in shaping Scout’s character.

Question 5

Would you refer to the novel To kill a Mockingbird as a ‘coming of age novel’? Discuss, with close reference to the novel.[20]

Question 6

Relate Miss Maudie’s explanation to Jem and Scout of why ‘It’s a sin to kill a Mockingbird’ and suggest what exactly you think Harper Lee wants us to understand by the title of the novel. Support you interpretation with references to the way in which Tom Robinson and Arthur (Boo) Radley are treated.[20]


Question 7

Give a vivid account of the meeting between Willy and his sons in the restaurant. In what way does this meeting underline the relationship between Willy and his sons?[20]

Question 8

Write short notes on:         (a) Happy             (h) Charley   [20]

Question 9

How much of Willy’s tragedy is the result of the dynamics of American society and how much of it is caused by his own shortcomings? Refer closely to the play in your answer.[20]


Question 10

Lady Windermere’s Fan is Wilde’s satire on Victorian Society. Discuss with close reference to the play.[20]


Question 11

Write short notes on:         (a) Lady Windermere’s fan as a dramatic device in the play.    [20]

.                                                   (b) The role of gossip in the play.

Question 12

Evaluate Wilde’s message about loyalty with close reference to any three characters from the play.[20]


Question 13

Analyse the portrayal of nature presented by Gerald Manley Hopkins in the poem Spring. How does he associate this season with life?[20]

Question 14

Critically analyse The Going the Thomas Hardy.[20]

Question 15

`Life is a journey fraught with decisions, alternatives and choices,’ Discuss The Signpost by Edward Thomas in the light of the above mentioned statement.[20]

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