(Three hours)

(Candidates are allowed additional 15 minutes for only reading the paper. They must NOT start writing during this time.)


 Answer Question I from Part I and seven questions from Part II, the intended marks for questions are given in brackets [ ].




Question 1

Answer briefly each of the questions (i) to (xv).

(i)      Why does a Joint Stock Company enjoy perpetual existence?
(ii)     What are the two ways in which a Joint Stock Company can be promoted?
(iii)   What is a participating preference share?
(iv)   Mention two ways of removal of a Director of a company.
(v)    Give two advantages of public deposit from the point of view of a company.
(vi)    Write any two features of principles of management.
(vii)   Name the elements of directing function of management.
(viii) What does the capital clause of Memorandum of Association contain?
(ix)   Give two agency functions of Commercial Banks.
(x)    Explain feedback in the process of communication.
(xl)   Mention any two limitations of direct mail advertising.
(xii)  State any two devices developed in the recent past for rapid and efficient communication.

(xiii) Expand the terms:

.                                 (a) ICICI                    (b)    IDBI

(xiv)Explain the integration concept of management.

(xv)Name two physical supply functions of marketing.


Answer any seven questions

Question 2

(a) Explain any four advantages of a Public Limited Company over a Private Limited Company.

(b) Briefly explain any three merits and any three demerits of a Government Company.

Question 3

(a)What are the additional requirements that a public limited company has to fulfill after its incorporation, in order to obtain a Certificate of Commencement?

(b)Enumerate the functions of a Promoter.

Question 4

(a) Give any four differences between a managing director and a manager.

(b) Explain any six circumstances under which the office of a director falls vacant.

Question 5

(a) Explain any four advantages of Mutual Funds.

(b) What is fixed capital? Discuss any four factors affecting fixed capital requirement of a Joint Stock Company.

Question 6

Explain the steps involved in the process of personal selling.

Question 7

(a) Define planning. Write any three limitations of planning.

(b) Explain the importance of management in modern times.


Question 8

(a) Give any four advantages of written communication.

(b) Explain any six principles of effective communication.


Question 9

(a) Explain any four objectives of Marketing.

(b) Describe any four departments of an Advertising Agency.


Question 10

Write short notes on:

(a) Marketing Research.           (b) Informal Communication               (c) Staffing as a function of management.

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