Paper 1


(Three hours) (Candidates are allowed additional 15 minutes for only reading the paper.

They must NOT start writing during this time.)


 Answer all questions from Section A and four questions on two of the sports frorn Section B.

The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].


 Answer all questions

Question 1

What do you understand by the term Rehabilitation with reference to disability? Enumerate the scope of Rehabilitation.   [8]

Question 2

Explain the effects of exercise and training on the muscular system.           [8]

Question 3               [8]

Explain how games and sports help in overall development of an individual.

Question 4

Explain any four health problems of modern times.       [8]

Question 5
Write short notes on the following:

 (a) Importance of personal hygiene.                               (b) Importance of good nutrition.     [8]

Question 6

 Explain the procedure of administering cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to a person, whose normal breathing has ceased.      [8]


Answer four questions on any two sports


Question 7                                                                                                                                                                                    

(a) List the basic compulsory equipment required by a football player.          [5]

(b) State any four duties of the referee.   [4]

c) State the various circumstances under which time is lost during the game.   [4]

Question 8

(a) List any five duties of the fourth official.    [5]

(b) State the difference between extra time and added time.     [4]

(c) When is a goal considered to have been scored?      [4]


Question 9

(a) With the help of a neat diagram, show anyfive fielding positions in front of the striker’s wicket.      [5]

(b) What are the restrictions on the role of a substitute?      [4]

 (c) State any four pre-toss duties of the Umpires.       [4]

Question 10

(a) Explain the following terms:     [5]

                      (i) Free hit                         (ii) Power play

(b) Give the following dimensions:       [4]

(i) Length of the pitch                                           (ii) Width of each set of stumps

(iii) Length of the bowling crease                      (iv) Total number of official scorers in a match

(c) State any four stoppages which are considered as intervals during the game.     [4]


Question 11

(a) List any.five occasions when the umpire shall below the whistle in the game.      [5]

(b) What are the dimensions of the ball with reference to its weight and circumference?     [4]

(c) State any four duties of the Captain.     [4]

Question 12

(a) List any five protective equipment permitted for the use of goal keepers.      [5]

(b) Explain the following terms:      [4]

                  (i) Astroturf                         (ii) Misconduct

(c)    How does the game start after a penalty stroke when:       [4]

                   (i) A goal is scored                               (ii) A goal is not scored.


Question 13

(a) Draw a neat and well labelled diagram of Backboard with all dimensions.     [5]

(b) List any four technical equipment used by the table officials.             [4]

(c) List any four important skills which a basketball players should possess.     [4]

 Question 14

(a) State any five duties of the scorer in the game.      [5]

(b) State the dimensions of the ball with reference to its circumference and weight.      [4]

(c) State the difference between team foul marker and player foul marker.        [4]


 Question 15

(a) Explain the procedure to be followed if a match Is interrupted due to bad light or bad weather.      [5]

(b) Explain the following terms:       [4]

(i) Assisted hit                                     (ii) Spiker

(c) State any four duties of the Captain during the match.      [4]

Question 16

(a) State any five duties of the coach.      [5]

(b) State the circumstances when a team is declared to be defaulting. How is a set and a match decided in such a situation?      [4]

(c) Explain the difference between blocking and screening.      [4]



Question 17

(a) State anyfive conditions when the service is considered to be a Fault.      [5]

(b) Explain the procedure of delivery of a service in a game.       [4]

(c) State the following dimensions:       [4]

(i) Height of the net in the centre of the court.

(ii) Overall length of the racket including the handle.

(iii) Distance of the net post from the side line.

(iv) Length of a single court.

Question 18

(a) Draw a well labelled and neat diagram of a doubles Tennis court with dimensions.    [5]

(b) State any five instances when a player loses a point.       [4]

(c) Explain the following terms:      [4]

(i) Advantage                                       (ii) Foot-fault


Question 19

(a) State the dimensions of the racket with reference to its frame and string surface.     [5]

(b) Explain the following terms:         [4]

(i) Back gallery         (ii) Smash

(c) State the duration of the intervals and when are these intervals allowed during the game.       [4]

Question 20

(a) Draw a diagram of a doubles Badminton court showing its dimensions.     [5]

(b) State any four duties of a service judge.     [4]

(c) State the procedure for testing the shuttle for speed.      [4]

Question 21

(a) State any five duties of the referee in a swimming event.      [5]

(b) What is the difference between individual medley race and medley relay?      [4]

(c) State the number of the following officials required for the competition:        [4]

(i) Judges of stroke.        (ii) Chief inspectors of turn.

(iii) False start rope personnel.                          iv) Starters.

Question 22

(a)    List the races in swimming which must begin with a dive.   [5]

(b)    Explain the starting stance of a swimmer in the back stroke event.     [4]

(c)    State any four duties of the referee in a diving competition.      [4]


Question 23

(a) Explain the importance of staggers in a track race.       [5]

(b) What iS pentathlon? List the events and their order in pentathlon event for women.      [4]

(c) Explain the term Race walking.       [4]

Question 24

(a) What are the dimensions of the spikes used on synthetic track?     [5]

(b) What are the standard distance run for men and women in a hurdle race?     [4]

(c) What are the duties of the wind gauge operator?      [4]


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