1) Important topics should be studied first.

2) Revision for every subject is must, so please make time for it..

3) Study approach should be according to the syllabus and not what all given in the book.

4) Solving previous year question papers helps a lot. (Click Here for Question Papers)

5) You should never hesitate to ask your friends or teachers if you are not able to understand some specific topic or concept.

6) Try to get involve in discussion regarding the subject with your friends and you should help others to make their concepts clear. This also helps you to make your concepts strong.

7) Studying late in the night is not at all a good idea. This will affect your nervous system.

8) During your exam preparation, follow a nutritious healthy diet plan which makes you active and energetic during your study time.

9) Understanding is more important than cramming. Try to understand the subject matter.

10) Always believe in yourself that you can perform well during the exam.

Best of luck for your studies.

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