(h)In junction diode the current flow is unidirectional as in vacuum diode.

(ii)Current flows in the semiconductor diode when it is forward biased.

(iii)Its P-part behaves like a plate and N-apart behaves like a cathode.

(iv)Relation between forward current and saturation current

(vi)Forward and reverse characteristic curves of Si and Ge diodes:

Knee Point: That point on the forward characteristics of junction diode after which the curve becomes linear, is known as the knee point. In the diagram it is represented by the point A.

Knee voltage: The potential at knee point A is known as the knee potential or forward potential at which the forward current abruptly increases is known as the knee potential.

(a) This potential does not depend on the current.

 (b) For Si its value is 0.7 V.

(ii) Greater the value of delta Eg, stronger will be the binding of valence electrons to the nucleus.



(ii)Off switch


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