In this configuration collector is common to input and output circuits.

(i)  Circuit diagram

(ii)Input characteristics:

(a)The input characteristics are obtained by plotting the base current IB versus base-collector voltage (VBC) for constant emitter-collector voltage (VBC).

(b)   IB decreases with increase of VBC. These characteristics are quite different from those of common base and common emitter configurations.


As VBC increases, VBE decreases for constant value of VEC, thereby reducing IB.

(iii)  Output characteristics:

(a)Output characteristics are obtained by plotting emitter current IE versus collector-emitter voltage (VCE) for constant base current (IB).

(b)The curves are similar to those obtained in output characteristics in common emitter configuration indicating that


(c)  In this configuration the output can be obtained in either direction and hence it is used for matching the impedance for two way amplifier and switching circuits.

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