(a)The device formed by joining atomically a wafer of P-type semiconductor to the wafer of N-type semiconductor is known as P-N junction.

(b)There are three processes of making junctions

(i) Diffusion



In majority of cases P-N junction is formed by diffusion process. The impurity concentration is maximum at surface and decreases gradually inside the semiconductor.

(c)Conduction of current in P-N Junction:

(i)In P-N junction the majority cotters in P-region and majority electrons in N-region start diffusing due to concentration gradient and thermal disturbance towards N-region and P-region respectively and combine respectively with electrons and cotters and become neutral.

(ii) In this process of neutralization there occurs deficiency of free current carriers near the junction and layers of positive ions in N-region and negative ions in P-region are formed. These ions are immobile. Due to this an imaginary battery or internal electric field is formed at the junction which is directed from N to P.

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