1. Be clear with what you have to do. Have a look at the NTSE syllabus. The questions will be asked from general topics of subjects described in the syllabus.
  2. Get NTSE question bank for each chapter. They are easily available as books or online. After you finish each chapter, attempt their questions.
  3. After 20% of your syllabus is covered, reattempt the questions and see how much you have retained. There will be no point in forgetting the old chapters!
  4. You will come across some topics you will find difficult. After 50% of syllabus is covered, go through these topics again. it will help you grasp them much better.
  5. Attempt questions of the topics you did after Step 3
  6. As days come closer, do not panic or go over the last 50% in a hurry. You should give 100% in all the chapters. Though some may advice you to give more importance to Important Chapters they mark, it is better to be thorough with all chapters at this stage.
  7. After you have attempted all questions of NTSE Question bank, try to see which topics you need to give a revision.
  8. Re attempt questions you had previously answered wrong.
  9. Now work on time improvement. This can be done by giving mock tests.
  10. Try to bring average question timing between 1 to 1.5 minutes.
  11. Solve Previous year NTSE papers. (Click Here for Question Papers)
  12. After the entire above are done, you can do a revision of important topics.

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