•  Read the passage carefully to know what the passage is about.
  •  Identify the main points.
  •  Analyse, interpret and infer the ideas in a text.
  •  Deduce the meaning of unfamiliar words.
  •  Read the whole passage before attempting questions.


For those who score between 15-18 marks

1. Reading cards upto No. 50
2. Newspaper articles of different types and lenths. Focus on topics like great personalities, events, latest scientific research, environment etc.
3. Newspaper article study :- read, study, find meanings of difficult words and write the summary.

For those who score between 11-14 marks.

1. Reading cards upto No.40
2. Reading books on varied subjects. Eg. Nature,science, science-fiction, travel, latest education trends, great personalities in different fields.

For those who score below 11 marks

1. Reading cards of the level and class you understand easily.
2. Read several small passageson different subjects. Refer the dictionary if required.

Eg; short stories – Ruskin Bond, Leo Tolstoy.

List of newspapers and magazines.
Times of India
Indian Express .                                          Reader’s Digest
Hindustan Times.                                        Tinkle Special
Magazines .                                                      Wizard
India Today.                                                      Digit
Outlook .                                                         Down to Earth
The Week .                                                      Business World
Sports Star .                                                   Quest
Frontline.                                                           Tinkle
Geo .                                                                     Chip

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