We felt that democracy is better because it :

  • Promotes equality among citizens.
  • Enhance the dignity of the individual
  • Improves the quality of decision making.
  • Provides a method to resolve conflicts.
  • Allows room to correct mistakes.
  • The countries which have formal constitutions, they hold elections and form govts.
  • They guarantee rights of citizens.
  • Democracy solves the social and political and economic problems of the country.

Accountable responsive and Legitimate Govt.

Accountable Govt. : Democracy is a accountable govt because it is the govt. of the people and made by people and for the people. The representatives elected by the people are responsible to them. If the people are not happy with the govt they can change the leaders in coming elections.

Responsive Govt. : A citizen who wants to know if a decision was taken through the correct procedures can find this out. She has the right and the means to examine the process of decision making. This type of transparency is not available in non democratic govts.

Legitimate Govt. : Democratic govt is legitimate govt. It may be slow, less efficient, not always very responsive or clean. But a democratic govt is people’s own govt’s can not ignore the needs of people. So people wish to be ruled by representatives elected by them.

Important Questions

1. Give the definition of democracy?
2. How democracy is better than other types of govt.?
3. How does democracy produce an accountable, responsive and legitimate govt.
4. “democracy depends on political equality”. clarify this statement

Class X Social Science All Topics Notes

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