Differences, Similarities and Divisions

Origins of Social Differences

(a) On the basis of birth
(b) on the basis of colour

Politics of Social Divisions

Democracy involves competition among various political parties. Their competitions tends to divide any society if they start competing in terms of some existing social divisions, it can make social divisions into political divisions and lead to conflict, violence or even disintegration of a country.

  • It would be best if there are no social divisions in any country. If social divisions do exist in a country, they must never be expressed in politics.
  • Social divisions affect voting in most countries.
  • In a democracy, political expression of social divisions is very normal and can be healthy.
  • Expression of various kinds of social divisions in politics after results in their canceling one an other out and thus reducing their intensity.

Important Questions :

1. When does a social difference become a social division?
2. How do social divisions affect politics? Give two examples?
3. How does social division & politics interrelate each other explain it?
4. How does social divisions make democracy stronger?
5. Discuss three factors are crucial in deciding the outcome of politics of social divisions?

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