A. Subjects to be Studies

1. Languages:

  • First Language/(MotherTongue)
  • Odia / Bengali / Urdu / Telugu / Hindi / Alternative English
  • Second Language : English/Hindi
    • English for those who do not offer English as their First Language.
    • Hindi for those who offer English as their First Language.
  • Third Language : Hindi/Odia
    • Hindi for those who offer Odia as their First Language.
    • Odia for those who offer English or Hindi as their First Language.
    • Odia or Hindi, to be opted by the pupils for those who offer Urdu/Bengali/ Telugu as their First Language.
  • Classical Language :Sanskrit/Persian
    • Sanskrit for those who offer Odia, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu as their First Language.
    • Persian for those who offer Urdu as their First Language.
    • Those who offer Higher English Alternative English as their First Language will not offer a classical language.
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Work Experience
  • Art Education
  • Health & Physical Education.

B. Time Allocation for Different Subjects

Instructional time will be at least 200 working days and each day will comprise 6 (Six) teaching hours.

No. of periods of instruction per day = 8 (eight)
Duration of each period = 40 minutes
Each day the instruction time will be utilised as follows
Prayer and Roll call = 10 minutes
8 periods (40 minutes each) = 320 minutes’
Recess = 30 minutes
360 minutes = 6 hours

A working week will have six full working days with 8 periods of instruction each day, There will be 48 periods in all per week.

The allocation of instructional periods for each subject and full marks assigned to each subject for the purpose of internal assessment to be made at the end of the session shall be as follows

C. Weightage

Sl. No Subject No. of Papers Total Marks Pass Marks No.of periods per week  
1. 1st Language

(Mother Tongue)

Odia/Bengali/Urdu/Telugu/ Hindi/Alternative English

One 100 30  
2. 2nd Language


One 100 30 6
3. 3rd Language


One 50 15 3
4. Classical Language


Higher English

One 50 15 3
5. Mathematics One 10 30 7
6. Science One 10 30 6
7. Social Science One 10 30 6
8. Work Experience One 10 4
9. Art Education One 50 2
10. Health & Physical Education One 50
11. Library and Debat 1
Total 800 180 48

Note : Out of seven periods in Mathematics two periods will be kept consecutively for clearing, students’ doubts and class tests etc.]

D. The duration of the examination in all papers carrying 100 marks will be 2 (two) hours and that in Third Language and Classical Language carrying 50 marks will be 1 hour and 15 mints. On the basis of the written tests, the Headmaster and the Subject teachers shall assess the performance of the pupils.

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