I. First Book:


Translation and Grammar :

1. The topics mentioned under the grammar section be continued and there will be no deletion or addition of topics . Translation lessons form 1 to 20

Chapter (1) Arabic Huroof -Ul- Hija, Fatha, Zamma, Tashdeed, Tanween, Jazm.

Chapter (2) Al-Huroof -U- Shamsiyyah (sun-letters) Wal-Huroof -Ul- Qamriyyah (moon-letters).

Chapter (3) (a) Al-Zamaair-UlMunfasilah (b) Al-Zamaair -Ul- Mutthasilah.

Chapter (4) Al-Asmal -Ul- Isharah, Qareeb wa Bayeed, Demonstrative Pronouns.

Chapter (5) Al-Asma -Ul- Mausoolath (Conjunction)

Chapter (6) Al-Ism (Wahd, Tasniah, Jama, Muzakkar, wa Muannas)

Chapter (7) Al- Ismul – Marifah Wal – Ismul – Nakirah (Nouns, Proper & Common).

Chapter (8) Al-Mazi, Al-Muzare (Al-Maroof wal – Majhool) Al- Amr, An-Nahi,
Tenses: Past, Present & Future, Imperative, (Positive & Negative)

Chapter (9) Al-Huroof -Ul- Jaarrah.

Chapter (10) Al- Huroof -Ul- Istifhaam.

Chapter (11) Al-Murakkab -Ul- Izaafi.

Chapter (12) Al- Murakkab -Ul- Tauseef.

Chapter (13) Al- Jumlatul -Ul- Ismiyyah.

Chapter (14) Al- Jumlat -Ul- Feliah.


Khissasum-nabiyeen by Syed Abul Hsaasn Ali Nadvi

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