Chapter – I : Scope and Significance of political Science – Introduction to Civics and Political Science, Origin and Evolution, Meaning, Definitions, What do we study? Why do we study?

Chapter – II : State – State – Meaning, Definitions, Elements, Relation of state with other Institutions – Society, Association, Government. (14 Periods)

Chapter – III : Nationalism – Nation, Nationality, Nationalism, Factors contributing for Nationality, Is India a Nation? Meaning, Forms (Traditional and modern)

Chapter – IV : law -Meaning, Definitions, Classification, Law and morality, Rule of Law.

Chapter – V : Liberty and Equality – Meaning, Definitions, Types, Safeguards, Liberty – Equality.

Chapter – VI : Rights and Responsibilities– Meaning, Definitions, functions Forms, Relationship between Rights and Responsibilities, Human Rights

Chapter – VII: Justice – Justice – Meaning, Forms of Justice, Social Justice.

Chapter – VIII: Citizenship – Meaning, Definitions, Methods of Acquiring, Citizen – Alien , Loss of Citizenship, Hindrances to Good Citizenship, Universal Citizenship

Chapter – IX: – Democracy- Meaning, Definitions, features, types, merits, devices, future

Chapter – X: Secularism -Meaning, Secular State, Western Model, Indian Model, Why India was made a Secular State? Criticism of Indian Secularism

Chapter – XI: Constitution– Meaning, Definitions, features, Classification

Chapter – XII: Government – Unitary, Federal, Parliamentary, Presidential, Theory of Separation of Powers, Organs of Government

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