1. Playing the English Gentleman – M.K. Gandhi
2. The Bet – Anton Chekov
3. The Mad Tea Party – Lewis Carrol
4. On Smiles – A.G. Gardiner
5. The Prize Poem Sir P. G. Wodehouse
6. Sale – Anita Desai
7. Riders to the Sea – J.M. Synge


1. Ulysses – Alfred Lord Tennyson
2. The Second Coming – W.B. Yeats
3. The Unknown Citizen – W.H. Auden
4. To the Indians who Died in South Africa -T.S. Eliot
5. The Night of the Scorpion – Nissim Ezekiel
6. Rakhi – Vikram Seth
7. Telephone Conversation – Wole Soyinka


Julius Caesar – Shakespeare Orient Longman Edition

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