I. Administrative Machinery in India:

a) Central Secretariat – Organisation and Functions
b) Prime Minister’s Secretariat – Organisation and Functions
c) State Secretariat – Directorate – Organisation and Functions d) District Collectorate – Organisation and Functions

III. Planning Machinery in India:
IV. Planning Commission – Organisation and Functions
a) National Development Council – Organisation and Functions b) State Planning Board – Organisation and Functions
c) District Planning Committee – Organisation and Functions

III. Urban Development Administration

a) Municipalities – Organisation and Functions
b) Municipal Corporations – Organisation and Functions
c) Urban Development Authorities – Organisation and Functions d) NGOs and Urban Development

IV. Rural Development Administration

a) Panchayati Raj Institutions – Organisation and Functions b) Rural Co-operative Societies – Organisation and Functions
c) Special Agencies, ITDA & DRDA – Organisation and Functions d) Self – Help Groups & Rural Development
V. Social Welfare Administration a) Woman Welfare Programmes
b) Scheduled castes & Scheduled Tribes Welfare Programmes
c) Backward Classes Welfare Programmes d) Minority Welfare Programmes

VI. Citizen Administration a) Citizen Charter
b) Central Vigilance Commission
c) Lok Ayukta
d) Human Rights Commission

VII. Good Governance

a) Right to Information Act b) Information Technology c) E-Governance
d) People’s participation in Governance

VIII. Emerging Trends and Issues in Administration:
a) Corruption in Administration
b) Administrative Ethics
c) Public – Private Partnership
d) Globalisation and Public Administration

Total Teaching Periods : 130
Revision: 145

Reference Books:

1. Mohit Battacharya : New Horizans of Public Administration, Jawahar Publications, New Delhi – 2008

2. Ramesh K. Arora, & Rajni Goyal: Indian Public Administration Institutions and issues.

3. S.R. Maheswari: Local Government in India

4. A. Avasti: General Administration

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