Central Board of Secondary Education Question Paper for Science subject are given below.

Examination: Summative Assessment I (SA1)
Class: IX
Subject: Science

CBSE 2016 – 2017 Class 09 SA1 Question Paper – Science

Paper 1

Paper 2
Paper 3

CBSE 2015 – 2016 Class 09 SA1 Question Paper – Science

CBSE 2014 – 2015 Class 09 SA1 Question Paper – Science

Q.1 If the distance between two points’ masses is doubled, what will happen to the gravitational force of attraction between them? [1]Q.2 Which would require a greater forte -accelerating a 2Kg mass at 5m/s2 or a 5 kg mass at 3m/s2. [2]Q.3 List differences between mass and weight. [2]Q.4 Youstand at the main gate of your house The Ice-cream parlourIs 10m sway from the main gate You walk to the Ice –cream parlour and come back again? [3]
(a) What is the distance you have walked?
(b) What is your final displacement?
(c) Is displacement equal to distance? Give a reason for your answer?Q.5 State Newton’s second law of motion.Derive mathematical formulation of Newton’, second law of motion. [3]Q.6 Two stones A and B are dropped from a millstone budding A is dropped from 100 m and after some time B is dropped from 50 m height. Both of them reach the earth at the same time. Will they have equal velocity while reaching the ground? Calculate and find out the answer (take g = 10 m/s2 ) [3]

Q.7. Use velocity time graph to derive graphically the equation for position-time relation for an object travelling a distance(s) under uniform acceleration (a). [3]

Q.8. (a) State the universal law of gravitation.
b) Masses of two students aA and B setting at a distance of 1m from each other in a class are 50 kg and 60 kg respectively calculate the force of attraction between the two. Give that G = 6.673 x 10-11 it Nm2kg2 [5]

Q.9. a) Define force and its S.I unit.
b) The speed- time graph of a car of 1000 kg mass is given. Frorn the graph answer the following

(i) Calculate force acting on the car in first 4 second.
(ii) Calculate retardation.
(iii) For which time interval is there no force acting. [5]

Q.10. Choose the correct option : [3]

(i) The force winch comes into play when one body tends to slide over another is called

(a) Thrust
(b) Force of friction
(c) Pressure
(d) None of these

(ii) Which of the following method is not a method to reduce force of friction

(a) Oiling
(b) Lubrication
(c) Decreasing the area of contact between that two bodies.
(d) Increasing the weight of one body

(iii) You have four spring balances P, Q, R and S with least count 4g, 6g, 8g, 10g. Which one will you prefer to use.

(a) P     (b) Q      (c) R     (d) S

Section B

Q.1. Define latent heat of vaporization. Why does the temperature not change during the change of state from solid to liquid? [2]

Q.2. Give three reasons to suggest that bronze is a mixture, not a compound. [3]

Q.3. (a) Which is more effective in cooling, ice at 273K or water at the same temperature? Give reason.

(b) State two reasons to prove that water is a liquid at room temperature. [3]

Q.4. Why does evaporation cause cooling? State and explain any two factors which increase the rate of evaporation. [3]

Q.5. (a) 15 g of common salt are dissolved in water. The solution was found to weigh 115g. Calculate the mass by mass percentage of common salt in the solution.

(b) Compare the true solution, colloidal solution and suspension on the basis of particle size and stability. [2+3=5]

Q.6. (a) Name the process used to separate a mixture of acetone and water. [1+1+3=5]
(b) Give the principle of this process.
(c) Draw a labeled diagram of the process to show the separation of the above mixture.

Multiple Choice Questions

Q.7. Four students A, B, C and D were given: (i) milk, (ii) blood, (iii) sugar solution, (iv) egg albumin in water respectively. They were asked to centrifuge their solutions. In some cases particles settled on centrifugation. The correct reporting of settled particles was done by [1]

(a) A and B
(b) A, B and C
(c) B, C and D
(d) A, B and D

Q.8. When iron fillings and sulphur taken in a test tube are heated then [1]

(a) ironsulphide will be formed with residue
(b) A yellow colour solution is obtained
(c) Sulphur turns into vapour
(d) Sulphur dioxide gas Is evolved

Q.9. To test the Ignition of magnesium, it is taken as [1]

(a) Ribbon
(b) Fillings
(c) Strips
(d) Granules

Q.10 Ammonium chloride was separated from sand by sublimation. The material left behind in the china dish is called [1]
(a) Residue
(b) A non – sublimate
(c) A decomposed matter
(d) All the above

Q.11 (i) Identify the correct combination of methods to separate a mixture of sand, common salt and ammonium chloride. [2]
(a) Magnetic separation and filtration
(b) Sublimation and separating funnel
(c) Magnetic separation and sublimation
(d) Evaporation and sublimation
(ii) What is the difference between evaporation and sublimation?

Q.12 When ice is added to water in a beaker [2]
(a) It floats on the surface
(b) It melts
(c) It takes heat from water
(d) All the above
Why are water droplets seen on the outer surface of the beaker in the above case?


Q.1 What will happen if the medium has a lower concentration of water than the cell? [1]

Q.2 Name two cropping patterns to give maximum benefit in crop production? [1]

Q.3 (a) Draw a labeled diagram (longitudinal section) of collenchyma tissue [3]
(b) In what one way they differ from parenchyma?

Q.4 Differentiate between striated, unstrained and cardiac muscles on the basis of their structure and location in the body. [3]

Q.5 what are? [3]
(i) Compost
(ii) vermicompost
(iii) green manure

Q.6 (a) “Removal of weeds from cultivated fields during the early stages of crops is essential for a good harvest” Justify the statement. [3]
(b) Mention any 2 methods of weed control

Q.7(a) List any two desirable characters of bee varieties suitable for honey production [3]
(b) What is the biological name of Italian honey bee?

Q.8 (a) write any three difference between meristem and permanent tissue [3]
(b) Where are stratified squamous epitheliums tissues present? What is their function?

Q.9 (a) Mention any three factors for which crop variety improvement is done. [3]
(b) What is the use and problem of composite fish culture system

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which stain is used for staining in onion peel side [1]

(a) Methylene blue
(b) Saffranin
(c) Eosin
(d) Any of the above

2. Label ‘A’ and ‘B’ correctly in the following diagram. [1]

(a) A – nucleus B – dendrite
(b) A – dendrite B – Axon
(c) A – Axon B – dendrite
(d) A – dendrite B – nucleus

3. 5 g A raisins were placed in distilled safer for 24 hours. The weight of soaked raisins found to be 7 g observed by raisins is [2]

(a) 20%
(b) 25%
(c) 40%
(d) 45%.

CBSE 2013 – 2014 Class 09 SA1 Question Paper – Science

CBSE 2013 - 2014 Class 09 SA1 Question Paper - Science
CBSE 2013 - 2014 Class 09 SA1 Question Paper - Science
CBSE 2013 - 2014 Class 09 SA1 Question Paper - Science
CBSE 2013 - 2014 Class 09 SA1 Question Paper - Science
CBSE 2013 - 2014 Class 09 SA1 Question Paper - Science

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