All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

KV students have to attend classes six days a week, whereas many of the other schools enjoy two day weekend. Recently the topic has been taken up by the authorities who are now contemplating over having all Saturdays and Sundays off instead of only second Saturday and Sundays.

An extended weekend will allow students to explore self study and recreational hobbies. If they get only one day, they hardly get time to complete their homework or prepare for project works et al. students when exposed to only school bound studies and schedule, they cannot pursued their hobbies and interests away from Vidyalaya’s binding.

The suggestion will be a relief to teachers too who say they have to work more than their peers in other schools. But the biggest issue now is how to adjust the scheduling and curriculum management. Also, some officials have clearly said that working hours for teachers have to be maintained under Right to Education Act and so the move is not feasible.

There is a lot of paperwork to be looked after right now and the final decision will be made after a lot of deliberation.

Having an extra day off will help reduce stress among students. As long as students, teachers and parents understand the motive behind the one more day at home, it could be a successful action. Students should utilize their weekends in de-stressing, hobbies, socializing and having fun. All things should be done in moderation!