CBSE Class XI Marking Scheme for Psychology

Teachers and students preparing for Class XI Examination for Psychology can use this Marking Scheme. Marking Scheme helps the students and markers of answer scripts both. Marking Scheme along with the extensive supervisory checks and counter checks through which CBSE tries to ensure objective and fair marking.

CBSE Class XI Marking Scheme 2014 for Psychology is given below as per CBSE guidelines.

One Paper
Hours : 3 Marks : 70

Unit Title Marks
Foundations of Psychology
1 Introduction to Psychology 8
2 Methods of Psychology 9
3 The Bases of Human Behaviour 8
4 Human Development 7
5 Sensory and Perceptual Processes 8
6 Learning 8
7 Human Memory 8
8 Language and thought 7
9 Motivation and Emotion 7
Practicals (Projects, experiments, small studies) 30

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