KVPY Interview Preparation

How to prepare for KVPY Interview?

Once the KVPY results are announced and the students selected for KVPY interview have started preparing for the next step. Here you will be given some guidance on how to prepare for KVPY interview.

KVPY Interview Preparation

Questions asked in KVPY Interview:

Broadly the questions are asked on educational topics, personal information, general knowledge and aptitude.

The first question is invariably expected to be “Tell me about yourself“. When faced with this question, the candidate needs to give a brief yet accurate answer that would throw some light upon the personal details, interests and aptitude. The interviewer wishes to know that apart from the brilliant score in KVPY exam, what else is the student like.

Tell us about your family and friends.”
Here the interviewer wants to get an insight on the family background, the candidate’s social skills and general one to one behaviour. Again, the candidate is advised to be brief and prepared to answer well.

What are your hobbies?
When you are asked such a question in KVPY interview, your answer is expected to be good and to the point. This answer could shape the rest of the interview. For example if you say you like to participate in quiz competitions, you will be asked next the competitions you have been in, how your experience was, what quizzing is like and so on. If you answer something general like “I like to watch TV”, mention that you like watching “Nat Geo” or “Travel and Living” to know new things or explore new places. But, do not exaggerate or lie at any point in the interview. The interviewers are very experienced and can see through when a student gives false information.

Now these were just the introductory questions. Being a technical interview, you will definitely be asked academic questions. They want to see your response and analysis as a person with scientific bent of mind. For example “Suppose there is an oxygen cylinder in a laboratory and there are two high voltage electrodes near it. What will happen if current passes through these electrodes?

Considering you have come this far and got selected for the interview, your aptitude must be good enough to answer it correctly. However, remember that confidence is the key. You might be great while solving the toughest problems on pen and paper, but you must be confident enough to do so in the interview too.

If you have any questions, ask in comments below. Best of luck!

In the interview also technical questions are asked. Please download the pdfs and upload them on Aglasem at schools.

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