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CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11 Physics (Solved) – Set E

There is no overall choice in the paper. However, there is n internal choice in one question of 2 marks weight-age, one question of 3 marks weight-age and all t three questions of 5 marks weight age. Please note that the paper given here is only a sample. You can use log table if necessary. Use of calculator is not permitted. Set E of Solved CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11 Physics is given below with link to download its solutions.

Sample Question Paper

1. On earth, value of G = 6.67 x 1011 Nm2 kg-2. What is its value on moon, where `g’ is nearly one-sixth than that of the earth ?

2. Define compressibility.

3. What is the equation and work done for isothermal process ?

4. Why is Brownian motion significant ?

5. Can a motion be oscillatory but not simple harmonic ?

6. Give conventional rules for the rounding off of uncertain digits.

7. Describe the selection of origin and sense of passage of time of a body performing one dimensional motion.
8. Prove that CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11 Physics (Solved) - Set E
Second law of motion is strictly applicable to a single point particle then how is it applied to a rigid body or a system of particles ?

9. Why is it easier to balance a bicycle in motion ?

10. Which of the following functions of time represent (a) S.H.M., and (b) periodic but not simple harmonic motion ? Give the period for each case :
(i) sin ωt – cos ωt
(ii) sin2 ωt.

11. Give Avogadro’s method to measure distances of the order of 10-10 m.

12. State with reasons which of these cannot possibly represent one dimensional motion of a particle.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11 Physics (Solved) - Set E

13. Rain is falling vertically with a speed of 30 ms-1. A woman rides a bicycle with a speed of 10 ms-1 in the north to south direction. What is the direction in which she should hold her umbrella ?

14. A stone of mass 0-25 kg tied to the end of a string is whirled round in a circle of radius F5 m with speed 40 rev/min in a horizontal plane. What is the tension in the string ? What is the maximum speed with which the stone can be whirled around, if the string can with stand a maximum tension of 200 N?

15. A massless string of length 1.2 m has a breaking strength of 2 kg-wt. A stone of mass 0.4 kg. tied to one end of the string, is made to move in a vertical circle, by holding the other end in the hand. Can the particle describe the vertical circle ? Take g = 10 ms-2.

16. Show that the area of the triangle contained between the vectors a and b is one-half of the magnitude of a x b.

17. A comet orbits the sun in a highly elliptical orbit. Does the comet have a constant : (a) Linear speed, (b) Angular speed, (c) Angular momentum, (d) Kinetic energy, (e) Potential energy, (0 Total energy throughout its orbit ?
Neglect mass loss of the comet when it comes very close to the sun ?

18. A spring having a spring constant 1200 Nm-1 is mounted on a horizontal table as shown in figure. A mass of 3 kg is attached to the free end of the spring. The mass is then pulled sideways to a distance of 2.0 cm and released. Determine (i) the frequency of oscillations, (ii) maximum acceleration of the mass, and (iii) the maximum speed of the mass.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11 Physics (Solved) - Set E

What is Newton’s formula for speed of sound ? Give Laplace’s correction.

19. Calculate the % increase in the length of a wire of diameter 2.5 mm stretched by a force of 100 kgf. (Y for the wire = 12.5 x 1011 dyne cm-2)

20. A uniform rod has a mass attached to one end to make it float upright in liquid. If 3.0 cm or one rod is immersed when float in water and 3.5 cm when it floats in a liquid of specific gravity 0-9, what length of it will be immersed when it floats liquid of specific gravity F2?

21. A body cools from 80°C to 50°C in 5 minutes. Calculate the time it takes to cool from 60°C to 30°C. (The temperature of the surrounding is 20°C.)

22. Why is it impossible for a ship to use the internal of sea water to operate its engine ?

23. Adarsh a student of class XI has found the factors on which the time period of oscillation of a pendulum depends and arrived at the expression T = constant x (l/g)1/2 . He wants to know how the length of the pendulum gets affected on the surface of the moon for the same pendulum and arrived at the conclusion that it is 1/6 (a). What values does Adarsh possesses ?

24. Prove that Newton’s second law is the real law of motion.
(a) State and prove impulse-momentum theorem.
(b) Define coefficient of friction and angle of friction and hence derive a relation between them.

25. Prove that coefficient of restitution of a perfectly elastic collision in one dimension is unity.
Derive a relation for an inelastic collision in one dimension.

26. State and prove Bernoulli’s principle for the flow of non-viscous fluids.
State Pascal’s law of transmission of fluid pressure. Explain how is Pascal’s law applied in a hydraulic lift.

Sample Question Paper Solutions

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