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CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11 Business Studies (Solved) – Set E

Business Studies question paper is divided in two parts.

Part A: Foundations of Business is for 50 marks and contains (i) Nature and Purpose of Business, (ii) Forms of Business Organisations, (iii)Public, Private and Global Enterprises, (iv) Business Services, (v) Emerging Modes of Business and (vi) Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics

Part B: Organisation, Finance and Trade is for 50 marks and contains (i) Sources of Business Finance, (ii) Small Business, (iii) Internal Trade, (iv) International Business and (v) Project Work

Set E of Solved CBSE Sample Paper for Class 11 Business Studies is given below with PDF of its solutions.

Sample Question Paper

1. Why do we insure goods ? 1

2. State one reason why was WTO established? 1

3. Name the company in which at least 51% shares are kept by government. 1

4. Mention any two examples of statutory corporations ? 1

5. Which form of business organisation is best suited if the business needs a permanent stru-cture? 1

6. Why are department undertakings accountable to the ministry ? 1

7. Name the organisation formed by passing a special act of the parliament. 1

8. Which is the regulatory authority in the securities market to protect the interest of investors ? 1

9. Give an example of ethical responsibility of business. 1

10. Why is India a preferred destination for BPO ? 1

11. Explain how International Trade promotes industrialisation? 1

12. Give 2 objectives behind exprot trade? 1

13. How departmental stores make shopping Convenient? Explain briefly. 3

14. Distinguish between Goods and Services. 3

15. What was the reason for launching the scheme of 100% export oriented units. 3

16. Briefly discuss the problems faced by small scale industries. 3

17. A wholesaler provides services to both manufacturers and retailers. State two services towards each group. 3

18. Mention any 3 situations under which a seller & a buyer may send a debit note. 3

19. Small scale sector in India faces a lot of problems in its day-to-day functioning. Explain four such problems. 4

20. An automobile company has adopted the following practices : 4
(a) To use eco-friendly & environment friendly components.
(b) Proper discharge of harmful wastes.
(c) To maintain desired level of pollution level of every vehicle.
(d) Not to comprise with ethical standards.

Identify the values involved for each practice respectively. (Value based Question) 4

21. ‘Risk is an inherent element of a business.’ Do you agree ? 4

22. How does a co-operative society exemplify democracy and secularism ? Explain. 4

23. What do you mean by exporting and importing ? Discuss its merits and limitations. 5

24. ‘Business is essentially a social institution and not merely a profit making activity.’ Explain. 5

25. Online transactions are prone to ‘Transaction Risks’. Discuss the various types of transaction risks. How can they be avoided ? 5

26. Discuss the responsibility cf business towards different stake holders. 4

27. Can a minor be admitted as a partner in a firm ? Explain the status of minor in a partnership firm. 6
What is a company ? What are its characteristics ?

28. Is it necessary for a public company to get its share listed on a stock exchange ? What happens if a public company going for a public issue fails to apply to a stock exchange for permission to deal in its securities or fails to get such permission ? 6
Define prospectus. Why is it issued ? Explain the consequences of mis-statements in a pros¬pectus.

29. The directors of a company have decided to modernise the plant and machinery at an estimated cost of rupee one crore. State the merits and demerits of issuing equity shares for the purpose. (HOTS) 6
Explain any six type of preference shares.

30. Explain any three principles of Insurance.
Discuss the features of following Banking Services :
(a) Bank Draft (b) Banker’s cheques 6
(c) Cash Credit. (2+2+2)

30. Distinguish between Life, Fire and Marine Insuranc e on the following basis : (i) Object (ii) Nature of Risk (iii) Premium
(iv) Insurable Interest (v) Tune (vi) Element of Protection. 6
Write short notes on the following services :
(a) Postal Services (b) Banking Services.

Sample Question Paper Solutions

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