CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11 Computer Science

Solved CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11 Annual Examination in Computer Science are made strictly according to the latest CBSE guidelines, syllabus and blueprint. Five Solved Papers are designed with answers following the Word Limit specified by the board. Answers are given with stepwise marking as per the board marking scheme. Latest Design & Blueprint for Physics issued by CBSE Board is given below.

Design of the Computer Science Paper

S. No Typology of Questions Very Short



(1 mark)





(2 marks)



Answer -II


(3 marks)





(4 marks)








1 Knowledge Based 3 3 9 13%
2 Conceptual Understanding 1 2 2 11 15%
3 Application Based and Inferential type 3 2 1 16 23%
4 Reasoning Based 1 2 2 16 23%
5 Skill Based 2 2 2 18 26%
Total 4 11 8 5 70 100%

1. No chapter wise weightage. Care to be taken to cover all the chapters.
2. The above template is only a sample. Suitable internal variations may be made for generating similar templates keeping the overall weightage to different form of questions and typology of questions same.

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