AIEEE now JEE Main will be conducted first time in 2015 is very important entrance exam for those students who wish to pursue their career in engineering and architecture fields. Students who wish to get in top engineering institutes should know that they need to have proper orientation while preparing for the exam.

In JEE Main exam fundamental concepts and their applications at different scenario are very important. Questions asked in JEE Main tests the reasoning ability and conceptual clarity of the student i.e. “The questions asked in the JEE Main are not as such different but are asked differently.”

For most of the questions a different approach is required to get the solution quickly or you can say a different mindset is required, but the questions are as such not very difficult. Every questions contains an element of surprise.

We will try to briefly explain few methods to prepare well for JEE Main exam which can help students to establish new goals and develop a different mindset with better ideas. Below are few links to important articles for JEE Main 2015 Preparation which you can read for further details.

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