Exam Temperament and Strike Rate

You should always keep track of your average speed of solving JEE Main Questions. To improve the speed of solving questions in final exam mock tests are one of the best methods. Try as many as mock test you can and track your average solving speed.

We have noticed that many students loose 15 to 20 percent of their marks not because of the proper knowledge of the subject but failing to apply basic concepts correctly. Exam fear or pressure may be the reason for this. If a student participates in JEE Main Test Series or Mock Tests based on new pattern and level of exam regularly then these marks which a student loose due to silly mistakes can be reduced which can improve their All India Rank.

Its suggested to get feedback on your JEE Main Preparation by getting yourself tested by anyone other then yourself or from test series conducted by various institutes and online websites. Test conducted by expert teachers or coaching institutes would give you unbiased and neutral feedback regarding your performance. Its better if the test series is organized at National Level as it gives broader idea of the level where you stand.

Keep in mind that both average speed and strike rate are prominent elements for success, so develop the ability to solve the questions fast with accuracy. Interaction with other students who are also preparing for the same exam helps to compare your performance with other students.

Briefly we can say that JEE Main is not actually a test of your deep knowledge but just basic fundamentals and their application to solve the practical problem with perfection and managed time & temperament.

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