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Dehydration of oxalic acid

In the presence of concentrated H2SO4, oxalic acid undergoes dehydration as follows:

Dehydration of oxalic acid

Like H2O2, the amount of oxalic acid present at any time can be found by titrating against KMnO4 solution. Hence the same formula as found for decomposition of H2O2 is applicable.

Hydrolysis of Ethyl acetate:

Hydrolysis of Ethyl acetate

In this reaction, acetic acid is one of the products, the amount of which can be found by titrating against standard NaOH solution. But being an acid-catalyzed reaction, the acid is present originally as catalyst, also reacts with NaOH solution.

Hydrolysis of Ethyl acetate

Substituting the values of a and (a – x) from equations (vi) and (vii) in the first order equation, we get

Hydrolysis of Ethyl acetate

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