Factors Affecting the Rate of ReactionNature of Reactants:

  • Ionic compounds react quickly.
  • When covalent compounds react, bond cleavage and new bond formation occurs so they react slowly
  • Homogeneous reaction is fast in comparison to Heterogeneous reactions, due to better intermixing of molecules.
  • Activation energy depends on chemical nature of reactants. If Activations energy is high reaction rate is slow and vice versa.

Concentration of Reactants:

  • Rate of reaction a product of active masses concentration.
  • As concentration Increase, rate of reaction increase due to increase the number of effective collision.
  • In gas phase reaction, increase in pressure results in increase in rate of reaction.


  • For Irreversible reaction rate of irreversible reaction decrease, with time
  • For reversible reaction rate of forward reaction decrease and backward reaction increase with time
  • In autocatalytic reaction rate increase with time.


  • The rate of reaction increases, with increase in temp.
  • Temperature Coefficient:

In the vicinity of 27oC, when the temperature of a reaction is raised by 10oC, rate of reaction becomes 2-3 times. Then ratio of rate constants of these 2 temp(s) is called as Temperature Coefficients

 Factors Affecting the Rate of Reaction

 Factors Affecting the Rate of Reaction

The above formula is valid for temperature closed to room temperature.

 Factors Affecting the Rate of Reaction

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