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General Organic Chemistry is like soul for preparation of organic chemistry.

First we will see how bond breaks and what the different reasons behind bond breaking.

There are basically two types of bond fission:

  1. Homolytic Bond Fission
  2. Heterolytic Bond Fission

Homolytic Bond Fission:

Homolysis: The bond cleavage in which each bonded atom gets their own contribution

Firstly Homolytic Bond Fission

  • Cleavage takes place due to HELP (H = Heat, E = Electricity, L = Light, P = Peroxide)
  • Favored when Electro negativity difference is zero.
  • Cleavage takes place in non polar solvent.

Heterolytic Bond Fission:

Heterolytic Bond Fission

  • It is formed when the electronegativity difference between the bonded atoms is high.
  • Formation is favored by polar solvent

Formation is favored by polar solvent

  • Positive charge of the solvent attracts the Negative pole of compound and the
  • Negative pole of the solvent attracts Positive, and the bond breaks.
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