State Science Talent Search Examination (SSTSE) 2013 Question Paper

Instructions to Candidate

  • Answers are to be marked on the separate Answer Sheet which will be collected after the time is over
  • This test is in SIX parts. Each part consists of 25 questions. In all, 150 questions are to be attempted. Each question carries one mark.
  • Since all the questions are compulsory, do not try to read through the whole question paper before beginning to answer it.
  • Begin with the first question and keep on attempting one question after another till you finish.
  • If you do not know the answer to any question, do not spend much time on it and pass on to the next one. If time permits, you can come back to the questions which you have left in the first instance and try them again.
  • Space has been provided for rough work at the bottom of each page.
  • Answer to each question is to be indicated by blackening, with H.B. pencil, the bubble ( circle ) of the correct alternative in the separately given Answer Sheet from amongst the ones given for the corresponding question in the test booklet. Please also read the instructions carefully, given on the back side of the Answer Sheet.

SSTSE 2013 Question Paper is given below.

STSE 2013 Question Paper
STSE 2013 Question Paper
STSE 2013 Question Paper

Answer Key

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