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  • Bond energy ∝ 1/Stability of free Radical
  • Bond length ∝ Stability of free Radical
Ex.1 Compare the potential energy of the following compounds (above compounds).

Sol. If compound after being in free Radical form is very stable (i.e., less energy) it mean it would have possessed more energy initially i.e. it potential energy will be most a < b < c < d

  • Potential energy ∝ Stability of free Radical

Ex.2 Compare the bond energies of C – H bond
(At a, b, c, d, e and f position)

e > b > a > f > c = d
Stability order of free Radical that might be formed after removal of H (Homiletically) from the given carbon.
⇒e < b < a < f < c =d
(C – H bond energies)

In the above compound while comparing 2obenzylicallylic stability at two given position

While drawing the resonating structure of the

(Here in spite of Resonance three alpha (C – H) bond and are available for no bond Resonance.
Therefore extra stable than which have only two a (C – H) bond for hyper conjugation.
Therefore 2o benzylic allylic corresponding to structure (a) is more stable than that of structure (b
Ex.3 Compare the stability of the following free Radicals

Ex.4 Compare the potential energy of CH3 – CH3, CH2 = CH2 and CH ≡CH.Sol.

After making free Radical of the above compounds:

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