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Heat of Hydrogenation (H.O.H)

It is the amount of energy released when one mole of H2 is added to any unsaturated system.
CH2 = CH2 + H2→ CH3 – CH3 + energy

Heat of Hydrogenation (H.O.H) is exothermic process

*HOH ∝ No. of π-bonds in compound
If no. of π-bonds is same then

*HOH ∝1/Stability of compound
∴In case of alkenes’

**HOH ∝ (1/Stability of compound) ∝ (1/NO. of a H)

Ex. 1

Sol. b > c > a

Aromatic Compounds: These are the compounds which have extra stability due to presence of (4n + 2)pi conjugated electrons , cyclist and planarity.

Other than Aromatic there are two more type of compounds as Non-aromatic (NA) and Anti-aromatic (AA).

Some examples of Aromatic (A), Non-aromatic (NA) and Anti-aromatic (AA)





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