Ideal Solutions

Ideal solutions are the solutions in which solute solute and solvent­solvent interactions are almost similar to solute solvent interactions (A – B = A – A or B – B interactions) and such solutions satisfy the following requirements:

  1. They obey Raoult’s law for all ranges of concentrations and temperature.
  2. ΔH (mix) = 0
  3. ΔV (mix) = 0
  4. (V.P) obs = (V P) exp.
    (B.P) abs = (B.P) exp.
  5. No dissociation or association takes place here.
  6. No chemical reaction between solute and solvent.
  7. It does not form azeotrope mixture.


  1. Benzene + toluene
  2. Hexane + heptane
  3. Ethyl bromide + ethyl iodide
  4. Chlorobenzene + bromobenzene
  5. CCl4 + SiCl4
  6. All dilute solutions
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