1. To develop habits of clear articulate expression using accepted syntactical forms and structures, with a firm grasp of idiom and to comprehend and appreciate good prose.

2. To expose candidates to a deeper knowledge and appreciation of literary works in the language.


There will be one paper of 3 hours duration, which will consist of two sections:

Section 1: Language (50 marks)
Section 2: Prescribed Textbooks (50 marks)

Candidates will be required to answer four questions on at least three of the prescribed textbooks.

1. COMPOSITION: One composition of 400 words approximately in the language to be written out of a choice of 6 topics set within the experience and mental maturity of the age-group of the candidates.
(20 Marks)

2. COMPREHENSION: An unseen passage of about 300 words to be set with 4 questions or summary with heading to test the ability to summarise and/or to expand an idea given in the passage. (20 Marks)

3. GRAMMAR: Functional grammar – correction of sentences and using words/idioms in sentences, viz. correct structure with proper agreement of the subject and verb according to the number, gender, case, tense and voice. (10 Marks)

4. PRESCRIBED TEXTBOOKS: Candidates will be required to answer four questions on any three of the prescribed textbooks. (50 Marks)

For list of Prescribed Textbooks, see Appendix I.
Click Here for ICSE Class XI and XII All Subjects Syllabus

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